George and Barb Zarris Prayer Letter: Call to MissionsRandy DeMoville (pictured on the left) is a motivated man—intelligent, passionate, and consumed with the work of the ministry. Raised in a broken home from the age of five, Randy knew nothing about God or church until age 12, when his father was saved through the ministry of Pastor Bruce Goddard at Faith Baptist Church, Wildomar, California.

Soon after, Randy accepted Christ, moved in with his father, and began making God-directed, life-changing decisions. Allowing every positive influence in his life to produce positive results, Randy surrendered to preach at 15, surrendered to missions at 16, and began Bible training at Hyles-Anderson College (HAC) at 18. Then a few unwise financial decisions complicated Randy’s life. He bought a computer and a car on credit and began deferring the payment of his college tuition. Debt discouraged the young man as he struggled to repay his loans.

Randy’s marriage to HAC graduate Kelly Ashby in 1995 was God-ordained. Kelly taught in a Christian school, while Randy worked several jobs, including computer programming, a self-taught skill he developed without any formal computer training. As years passed and children were added to the family (eventually 10 in all), Randy and Kelly served faithfully in several church ministries and stayed close to the Lord; however, Randy felt the need to finish what he had started. He persevered until 2004, when he completed the illusive bachelor’s degree in missions—14 years after he had first entered college!

The call to missions was never far from Randy’s mind. He taught 6 years at his alma mater and earned a master’s degree while waiting on God. In 2010, at age 38, Randy became the team leader for a new missionary endeavor in Dumaguete, Philippines, on the island of Negros. Through his 13 years of leadership, a vibrant, soul-winning church has been established. In the services, 4,899 have professed faith in Jesus, and 3,143 have been baptized. The Bible college has graduated 25 students, and 13 more are in training.

In 2018, Missionary Rick Martin secured a government franchise to build multiple Christian radio stations in the Philippines. “I caught the vision,” Randy recalled, “and assembled an internet station—IBCD The Anchor—to train workers while we wait for the actual FM station to be built.”

The programming that Randy has produced is remarkably visionary for a man with no radio experience. Live broadcasts, such as Good Morning, Dumaguete; The Three Amigos; and Prayer Waves, a Saturday night prayer meeting, invigorate the station with solid Bible teaching, pertinent information, and personal application. Seeking more contact with his church members and the unsaved, Randy developed The Anchor app, which allows the user to interact with the church and radio station on a very personal level. Bible reading, discipleship, Scripture study, and prayer, have been enhanced, along with participation in the daily features, including Bible trivia, contests, and praise.

“By using The Anchor app, every phone is a microphone, and everyone can get their voice on the radio,” Randy mused. “There are 24 hours in a day. I know I will not get people off their devices, but as much of that time as I can capture from Facebook and YouTube—it’s a win!”

Never satisfied with the status quo, Randy is planning more upgrades for the app. He desires to share his work with other churches and to teach them how to use The Anchor app to enhance their own ministries. For more information, email Randy at, or download the free app.

Testimony: Broadcaster Andrew Martey

The radio ministry has had tremendous influence upon the growth of churches in Islamic communities in the North. We have received many calls from new converts who have expressed a need to find a church. Last week, Mr. & Mrs. Christopher visited church for the first time and decided to become members. Okailai, Fidelis, and Seth are new converts from the radio programs. Marchi is under great persecution since his conversion. The outreach in the Muslim community of Chanchaga is growing gradually. We are distributing Hausa Bibles in Edo State and have taken over a work in Piakolo Village, a predominantly Muslim community. Our Bible school graduates are starting churches in several dangerous areas. Please pray for their safety!

Since a violent storm completely destroyed our church roof, we have been able to replace the rafters and roofing shingles ourselves, but we have no money for lights, interior ceiling, baptistery, or paint. Still our people go door-to-door soul winning in spite of the very real threat of kidnapping. If you could help us with our church building needs, our people would be so grateful.

Carpathian Mountains

War has not stopped Broadcaster Paul Dudka. Five summer VBS outreaches have been planned for strategic mountain villages. His report follows:

“First week, more than 100 children and 40 adults attended. Many were Kherson refugee families displaced after destruction of Nova Kakhovka Dam. So many decisions for Jesus—we can’t count! Second week at new church plant in Shepit—300 kids! Wow! On Friday whole village, including leader came for big meeting. Three more VBS every week until middle of August. We need funds to feed huge crowds three times per day. Please pray for souls and help us with funds for food!”

Ministry Partners

CMI, directed by Eddie Wilson, has increased their global presence with recent broadcasts from a new television studio in Mexico. In India, CMI is in the early stages of establishing a television studio. In Peru, more than 56,000 people have interacted with social media posts. A total of 114 have accepted Christ. The television programs in Ghana continue to produced weekly salvation decisions, and many people are coming to Christ in local communities, where the Water Bore Hole Project has installed eight more bore holes.

Thank you for your giving and your prayers.

George Zarris
Christian Radio International