George and Barb Zarris Prayer Letter: A Dream Come True!Have you ever had a dream—something that burned deep within, something that you wanted more than anything? Fifteen men in Liberia have had such a dream. Each one planned and schemed to reach that dream, but with no job and no money, it seemed impossible. When the desire could not be quenched, each one approached Pastor Dahn Demey with a bold request. Each one begged and pleaded. Each one revealed his dream: “I want to go to Bible college! God is calling me to serve Him, but I have no money for tuition. Please let me attend.” Who could resist such an appeal? Not Pastor Demey! So, these 15 men study God’s Word with 20 other adults every Friday from 4:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. at Blessed Hope Baptist College in Monrovia, Liberia.

Who are these 15 impoverished students? They are adult men who range in age from 26 to 60. Some are married with children; some are single. Eight were reached through Liberia Radio. Two are pastors. Eight more are preparing to pastor. One was a confused Pentecostal who heard the college announcement on Liberty Radio, and seeking answers, he enrolled. One man was responsible for the deaths of hundreds during the 14-year civil war. Seven years ago, he called the radio station with a haunting question: “Can God forgive me?” At the age of 60, he is finishing a four-year program and wants to be a pastor.

The stories are astounding; each one is a miracle of grace. These men are diligent, zealous, and worthy; but they are without work. CRI would like to bless these Bible college students with the Gift of Work! Transportation is non-existent in Liberia. For $3,000, the church could purchase a hajaj, which is the normal means of travel in Monrovia. This four- to five-person “cart” would provide four students/preachers with WORK—enough for food, meager living expenses, and tuition. Half of the profit would be reserved for gas, upkeep, and replacement so that the business would be self-perpetuating. Four hajaj (US$12,000) would provide WORK for all 15 men now and for more students in future years.

That would be a dream come true! Would you help us bless the Bible college students at Blessed Hope Baptist College with the Gift of Work? You can send your checks to CRI, Box 3132, Munster, IN 46321; or you can give online at cri-media. org/support.

Editor’s Note

Liberia is a failed state. The civil war (1987-1995) caused the worst economic collapse ever recorded. Liberia’s GDPP dropped 90%. Recovery is measured in inches per decade. Without infrastructure (electricity, water), jobs and food are scarce. Education languishes. Only 48% of the population have literacy at a fifth-grade level. All schools charge fees, which many cannot pay. One out of 11 children under the age of 5 dies from hunger, and 45% of the populace are acutely malnourished. A Gift of Work would be life-changing!


Broadcaster Andrew Martey

The radio ministry continues to grow. We have had three Muslims call, wanting to know more about Jesus. A___, the Muslim R___ N___, has been asking questions and is under conviction, as are A___, S___, and Z___. Since last month, we have had 15 new converts and 25 new visitors at church.

Please pray for us! Abductions and kidnappings occur daily everywhere—especially at schools and churches. The situation is so unbearable that the government leaders have resolved to PRAY for divine intervention!

IRAQ, Mosul

Ready to Move

CRI is changing the Mosul tower site to Dahuk, Kurdistan, and increasing the transmitter power to adequately cover three provinces in Northern Iraq. Government approval for a 5,000-kilowatt transmitter in al-Hillah (ancient Babylon) has been granted. Not only will we reach five provinces (al-Hillah, al-Najaf, Karbala, al-Anbar, and al-Diwaniyyah), but we also have the opportunity to reach the millions of Shia Muslims who annually pilgrimage to the holly city of al-Najaf.

MEXICO, Chiapas

Missionary Tom Sloan

Two more radio stations have begun broadcasting this month: Transfiguration Radio in Llano Redondo, Chiapas, Mexico, and Gospel Radio in Las Lomas, Piura, Peru, which is also heard in the Macará region of Southern Ecuador. The CBI network now has 10 stations in 4 countries (Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, and Ecuador), covering a population of 15 million people. Praise God!

George Zarris
Christian Radio International