Garry Tingson Prayer Letter: Back on the Road Again!The month of May brought us back into the world of quarantine. We’ve been able to hunker down in Michigan at my in-laws’ house. Our days were filled with homeschooling, family walks outside, and at-home church services. I’ve also been able to catch up on some work. Our second child Elin graduated from kindergarten. Our Christian school was not able to have its scheduled graduation ceremony in May, but we will be able to have one in June. We’ve been able to watch our home church’s services via livestream.

In the middle of May, we were scheduled to be with Lighthouse Baptist Church of London, Ontario. About the time we were scheduled to be with them, churches in Michigan were allowed to meet again. Unfortunately, the Canadian border was still closed to us, and we were unable to meet with Lighthouse Baptist Church. However, they were so gracious to send our children a care package full of goodies and a love gift, and they decided to take us on for support anyway. We praise the Lord for their decision to partner with us!

On the 22nd of May, President Trump declared houses of worship “essential” and put the pressure on governors to let them open. This was most definitely an answer to prayer from many Christians around the nation. During this month, I’ve had some time to be able to fix up our project travel trailer that we bought last year and get it all ready to travel again for our meetings all around the country. It truly has been a blessing, as we’ve been able to save money on accommodations, and we’ll be able to make our money back when we sell it before we go to the field. With that being said, we are back on the road again! At the end of May, we traveled to Gulfport, Mississippi, to be with Temple Baptist Church. There, I was able to teach Pastor Crane’s Sunday school class, provide special music, and present our ministry. The Lord met with us in a wonderful way!

We would like to welcome our new supporters for the month of May: Mountain Vista Baptist Church of Sierra Vista, Arizona, and Faith Baptist Church of Oak Creek, Wisconsin. We praise the Lord that even through the quarantine, we’ve been able to gain supporters. Please pray for our deputation trail in the month of June. We will be in Georgia, Michigan, and Missouri. Thank you for all your prayers, your faithful support, and for those who gave above and beyond this past month!

Your servant in Christ,

Garry Tingson