Garry and Mindy Tingson Prayer Letter: We've Almost Reached Our Goal!We were able to present our ministry to the following churches: Gospel Light Baptist Church of Rio Rancho, New Mexico; Grace Baptist Church of Flower Mound, Texas; Cross Roads Baptist Church of Sylvester, Georgia; Harmony Baptist Church of Blakely, Georgia; Spring Meadow Baptist Church of Franklin, Tennessee; Tabernacle Baptist Church of Wilson, North Carolina; Liberty Baptist Church of Morristown, Tennessee; and Grandview Pines Baptist Church of Millbrook, Alabama. In the middle of our meetings, my wife Mindy had the honor to speak and be a part of the Friend to Friend Ladies’ Conference podcast, with Francie Taylor as the main speaker. Mindy has been working with the podcast while we’ve been on deputation, and it’s a great listen for Christian ladies!

We would love to welcome the following churches as our new partners in the month of May: Horizon Baptist Church of Camarillo, California; Grace Baptist Church of Flower Mound, Texas; Bible Baptist Church of York, Pennsylvania; Cross Roads Baptist Church of Sylvester, Georgia; Harmony Baptist Church of Blakely, Georgia; and Buckingham Baptist Church of Fort Myers, Florida.

We will spend the last couple of months in Michigan with our family. Please pray as we prepare to leave for the field. I will need to go to the Australian Consulate General in Chicago to apply for the children’s Australian passports. We will need to sell or give away the last of our possessions and decide what we will take to Australia. Australia is still closed to international travelers, but we have an exemption because my children and I have citizenship there and my wife now has an approved visa and permanent residency there. We will still need to apply for authorization to enter the country, as they want to control the flow of people coming in. When that’s been approved, we will finally be able to purchase plane tickets. We hope to leave around the end of July or early August. We all will need to take a 72-hour COVID test before leaving America, and then we’ll need to quarantine for 14 days in Sydney. Thank you for your continued prayers!

Your servant in Christ,

Garry Tingson