thumbnail of Garry Tingson April 2022 Prayer LetterWe had another jam-packed month in March! This marks our seventh month now in Australia. Although it rained heaps last month, we were able to continue moving forward.

Our church and many of you have been praying for us concerning a property. A few opportunities came up, but one property in particular stood out. The property has a four-bedroom house and a large barn, which would be perfect for our church. The barn is half- finished with carpet and drywall, which would allow us to start using it straightaway. There is the potential to finish the other half when our church grows. The property is situated in a commercial area and is zoned for us to be able to use it as a church building. Please continue to pray for this situation, as negotiations are still underway.

As mentioned earlier, it has been raining a lot, which has caused devastation throughout the east coast of our state of New South Wales. There was some flooding behind our house, but it never reached the backyard. There were a few days of dry weather, and it allowed us to go door knocking in Taree. We’ve had good responses; but, unfortunately, we didn’t have anyone make a decision to trust Christ this past month. Please pray for a teenager named Judd, a nurse named Owen, and an elderly lady named Wendy, who were all given the plan of salvation but were hesitant to make a decision. They said they believed in Christ but didn’t want to commit it to prayer. Please pray as we follow up on them. Please also pray for those who’ve received tracts in their letterboxes and in public places.

Our college students are finishing up their first trimester this month. Please pray that they would have the strength to finish the course. Our family is doing well adjusting to the culture. It’s been hard for them, but every now and then, the Lord will spoil us a little—like when we found an American diner downtown! They served Australian food, but the place was decorated in American paraphernalia. There was even a “Big Boy” statue at the front! Mindy’s been busy with the children’s homeschooling. They’re starting a new curriculum next month: A.C.E. Please pray for Mindy, as she is also great with child. We revealed this last month that our next baby is a girl. Rhys and Elin were disappointed, but Gwen was so excited! Thank you all so much for continually praying for us and also for those who give so that we can continue to serve the Lord here in Australia!

Your servant in Christ,

Garry Tingson