Zach Sr. and Karin Foust Prayer Letter: Up the River, All Over the Hills, and Back From the GraveThank you for your constant prayers and faithful support. We are blessed to have so many of you who faithfully follow the work here in Lima, around Peru, and across the globe, as the Lord allows. We have been particularly blessed to know that many faithful brethren are still fasting one day a week for our team. I am convinced that all of the miracles we see here on a regular basis are because of the faithful prayers and fasting on our behalf on a regular basis. We cannot thank you enough for this spiritual investment. Since our last prayer letter, we have been up the river, all over the hills, and back from the grave—by the grace of God.

The church in San Gabriel is growing by families. What a privilege it is to see our families and young people bringing new families into our church. There are such great testimonies of marriages salvaged, children brought back to the Lord, and neighbors who have seen the difference in our faithful families and want the same. So many of our families are involved throughout the week in soul winning and home Bible studies that the natural fruit is their own lives growing in Christ as they help others know Him more. Our church will be celebrating Independence Day this Sunday with a giant lunch of food representing all regions of Peru. Normally, we have many visitors and many trusting Christ.

During the month of June, we were tremendously blessed as a team to be led on a great excursion up the Maranon, Ucayali, and Amazon Rivers by Bro. Mark Rader. What a pleasure it was to see the team working in one spirit, as well as with the IBI churches of Surco and San Gabriel. We were also accompanied by a tremendous group led by Pastor Eric Grindstaff with the Grace Baptist Church in North Carolina and by Dr. Dan Siemer of FBMI. Bro. Mark planned the week meticulously, and we were blessed to see over 700 salvations in the river-front villages deep in the jungle. Many more were saved through the trips in preparation, as well as by the church members in Nauta after the training on soul winning.

I believe one of the works that will bear fruit for eternity is the privilege that local churches and pastors give us by inviting us in to encourage and train their churches in soul winning and discipleship. What a humbling honor it is. Not a week goes by that I don’t receive pictures and testimonies from churches throughout Peru and around the Spanish-speaking world of faithful Christians who are now soul winning and investing in discipling their converts. Thank you for allowing us to serve as missionaries in this capacity. It is fruit to your account that I can’t wait to see the results, not only in the testimonies on this earth, but also for all the ages as you receive the “Well done” from our Master.

Thank you for your prayers for Karin and me as we passed through COVID. We were so loved by many of you in prayers and kind messages. Our church people kept us alive with medicines, medical treatments, and meals. We are over COVID and pushing through the recovery. Our church people were so faithful during those dark days not only to keep the church going but to keep it growing with souls saved and visitors in church. We are so blessed to see real growth in Christ Jesus.

September 7–10, we are planning for our annual Pastors’ School. The last time we had it in person, we had over 500 people present, with 134 pastors. The Lord used this event in a great way to see churches and pastors all over Peru equipped and encouraged in the work of the Lord. Would you pray that the Lord would meet with us again in a mighty way? This year’s theme is “Stand in the Gap.”

Lord willing, our family and some of the team will be traveling up the Tigre River to “Nuevo York” in the month of August. Our plan will be to reach out with the local pastor to neighboring villages. We will be presenting the Khlor Gen 3000 water- purification system from Bro. John Hays, while preaching the Gospel and inviting each community to a giant conference in “Nuevo York.” We covet your prayers for this great event.

Thank you to those of you who have had Zachary Jr. and Cassandra in your churches and even more to those of you who are supporting them without them even coming. God is doing wonderful things for them and through them. If you haven’t scheduled them yet, please consider having an excellent, prepared young couple that is ready to serve the Lord wherever He sends them.

Thank you once again for all you do,

Zachary, Karin, and Logan Foust