Zach Sr. and Karin Foust Prayer Letter:  Delivering Medicines to Christians in the Amazon JungleWhat a pleasure it is to serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and what a great privilege it is to serve Him on the foreign field in times that try men’s souls. In our last letter, we talked about our trip to Yurimaguas and about a pastor who is now with the Lord. A faithful young man from his church, whom we got to know while we were there, is now leading the congregation as they move forward. Please pray for Gerson as God continues to help him grow in service.

Thank you to those of you who gave so we could take medicines to suffering Christians in the Amazon Jungle. We have received great reports of these medicines being used to help many of our brethren whom so many of you will never meet. The Lord has used your giving to the Amazon Outreach Fund, as well as personal gifts, to be used to help pastors all over Peru in their moments of physical need. Thank you to all of you who are praying fervently for the health and growth of your Christian brothers in Peru.

Karin and I and the entire Team Peru have tremendously enjoyed having Zachary Jr. and Cassandra working here with us. Our pastor, Bro. Wilkerson, advised that they come here for a few months before heading out on deputation. Lord willing, this June they will begin traveling to raise the necessary support to return to Peru and work full-time with Team Peru. This young couple has jumped right in to help in any way possible and have encouraged all of us here. It has been such a blessing to have someone who is trained in music, is fluent in the language, and has a desire to work.

We just returned from a trip down the Amazon River from Iquitos to Pebas, where Zach Jr. and Cassandra were used greatly to preach the Gospel, sing specials in churches and conferences, train young people, teach married couples, and serve in any capacity needed. In several villages, while presenting the John Hays water system, we saw 145 people raise their hands for salvation and believe that many more trusted Christ. What a highlight it was to watch as our son preached an evangelistic service in an Indian village and to see a visitor come to Christ for salvation.

If you and/or your church are looking for young missionaries to help serve on the field, please reach out to them through FBMI or contact us through our email at We would love to see them make it to the field as soon as the Lord would allow. If you can help in any way, please let us know so that we can coordinate with them.

We are still on lockdown on Sundays here in Peru. The Lord has been good to us by giving us so many ways to get the Gospel out and meet with our people. We invite people as we record in the church building on Saturdays and host in-home Bible studies all over the hills and valleys around our church. What the government meant for evil, the Lord has used for good. Every week we have seen many people trust Christ. Our greatest joy is seeing our church people take on the charge of winning their neighbors and loved ones to the Lord. Please pray as we seek to be a faithful and continual witness as our workers grow in grace.

His for souls,

Zachary Foust Sr., Karin, and Logan