Zach Foust Prayer Letter:  Mission Trip to the JungleThe months of June and July flew by here in Lima, Peru! We were surprised to realize that we have now been living in Peru for four years! Time has gone by quickly, and our children have grown so much. We are thankful for the many blessings that God has given our family. It is certainly a privilege and blessing to be busy serving our Saviour.

In the past two months, more than 58 people have made professions of faith in the ministries of Iglesia Bautista Internacional of San Gabriel. These include people who were witnessed to during soul-winning time on Saturdays or other visitation days and also during church services. Some of our church members were able to see friends or relatives saved in the past months as well. Please pray for the continued growth of our people.

We were able to take a missionary trip to the jungle city of Iquitos this month. Many of you prayed for and financially helped us with this endeavor, and we thank you! It was a successful trip, as we were able to help many pastors through training and materials. Additionally, we were able to hold a Bible Club for the children of the area, and many trusted Christ. We were blessed to see the dedication and desire of the pastors who serve in the Amazon. These are families who truly sacrifice, and we are glad we got to help in a small way. We will be working more with this group of pastors in the months to come. Please pray for this very needy area of Peru and for these men of God and their families.

I am teaching marriage classes in our church on Sunday evenings until the 14th of August. We find that the attack of Satan on the homes of Peruvians is strong. We are hoping that the classes will help strengthen the marriages of our church family.

We are coming to the States! We will be getting our oldest son settled in at Bible college and taking care of some business while we are there. If you would like us to stop by your church and give a report, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available during the month of September and would love to see as many of you all as we can!

As always, we are very thankful for each of you. May God continue to bless you richly as you serve Him.

His for souls,

Zach and Karin Foust
Zachary, Caleb, and Logan