Zach Foust Prayer Letter:  Expanding for Children's MinistriesIn our church we have been in a series on Sunday evenings preaching about the spiritual warfare in which we Christians are engaged on a daily basis. We have been learning how to apply the armor of the Lord as we fight our enemy, Satan. Certainly living on the mission field here has deepened our understanding of the spiritual battle that we are in daily, and it has also deepened our comprehension of our dependence on the prayers of God’s people. We value your prayers immensely, and we are thankful for each one who takes the time to go to God on our behalf.

Our landlord in San Gabriel has given us permission to use the third floor of our building. This area is largely unfinished, but there is one room that we now use for our children’s ministries. This frees up much-needed space for a nursery and Sunday school classrooms. Praise the Lord for this answer to prayer! Please pray with us about the possibility of finishing more of this space for the furtherance of the Gospel.

In November we will hold a workshop for church-planting pastors. We hope to help several pastors strengthen their families and encourage them as they start new churches. Many pastors are excited about what they are learning about soul winning and ministry organization. They are enthusiastically using materials provided by Bro. Mark Rader and his church in Surco and are requesting more soul-winning and church-planting sessions in their own churches. Please pray that as we go forward with this ministry, God will do great things here in Lima!

Our church in San Gabriel is going well. We held our first Vacation Bible School in August, with many visitors and souls saved. We were able to reach several parents with the Gospel, and our university students and teens did an excellent job of putting on a great program for the children. Recently on a Saturday, soul winners led 19 people to Christ. We have been consistently having adult visitors trust Christ in the Sunday services. In the last 2 months, more than 80 people have come to know Christ as their Saviour. Please pray with us as we work and trust Christ for the growth of His church.

Our church family has suffered some hardships recently. One man lost his 35-year-old brother due to a fall from three stories, and several have had surgeries or extended illnesses. Through it all, we have been pleased to see the grace of God evident in the lives of these precious people in San Gabriel, Lima, Peru. Please continue to pray for us and the ministry that God has called us to here.

His for souls,

Zach and Karin Foust
Zachary, C.J., and Logan