Zach Foust Prayer Letter:  Exciting Times in Lima, PeruWe have had such a busy and exciting time here in Lima these past months. Our church in San Gabriel has been growing incredibly, and we are excited to be a part of what God is doing there. We have had many people saved (more than 60), and we have had several baptized in our baptistery (a swimming pool) in the park in front of the church.

We have started a new men’s ministry, and we now have men meeting before each service to pray together. The men are also assuming more of the leadership role of the church. We are very thankful for the solid men whom God has sent our way.

Our Easter breakfast and service were a great success! We had 95 people come to enjoy a delicious Peruvian breakfast of bread with avocado and eggs, along with delicious fruit. Our people really enjoyed the breakfast, and we all enjoyed praising the Lord for our risen Saviour! There were 2 people saved on that Sunday, as well.

We are beginning a very exciting ministry this year. As you know, my burden has been to plant many churches in South America through the efforts of Team Peru. As our team churches are now more established, we have begun to reach out to other pastors and church leaders in Peru to begin ministering to those who are planting churches. We began this with a Pastors’ Workshop held on the 11th of April. It was a full day of teaching, encouraging, and preaching, which focused on church building. I am very thankful for each of the team men who gave of their time to teach and encourage the pastors and church workers on this day. The Lord blessed, and 15 pastors in the Lima area came and were encouraged. I will be working with many of these men in the months ahead, planting churches and helping to grow current churches. Please pray for me as I work with these great men of God.

Our family is doing well, and our boys are growing so much! It is difficult to imagine, but we are approaching three years here in Lima, Peru. We marvel at how much God has blessed, and we look forward to all that He will do! Thank you for praying for us.

His for souls,

Zach, Karin, Zachary, C.J., and Logan Foust