Zach Foust Prayer Letter: Busy With ConferencesOur month of February was incredibly exciting and packed, as we had the pleasure of teaching and preaching in the annual Pastors’ Conference in Monterrey, Mexico, for Bro. Jonathan Ashcraft. Upon our arrival in Lima, we had a Youth Conference, while also helping to host a Fuegos de Evangelismo (Fires of Evangelism) conference. What a blessing to see the pastors and adults win 60 people to the Lord and to see the young people win 110 to Christ.

During the Youth Conference, I had the privilege of soul winning with a great young evangelist, Carlos Isai Sauceda. We got left behind and had to catch up with the group. We quickly found a street that had not yet been hit and began knocking doors. I came across a rowdy group on the streets and, against my better judgement, began to try to witness to them. They were not unkind but just seemed to be having a lot of fun insulting each other as I tried to engage them in eternal matters. I finally decided just to plow through and stuck with giving them the Gospel. I reached a point where I felt for sure that I had lost them completely and made a cordial excuse to go find someone who wanted to hear. All of a sudden, the man in front of me said, “Wait! You said you could tell us how to have eternal life. You’ve only told us that we’re condemned to Hell! Can’t you tell us the rest so we can know how to go to Heaven?!” I wholeheartedly agreed. They brought me a chair, an Inca Kola, some crackers, and waited quietly for me to finish the snack and the Gospel. All three adults humbly asked Christ to be their Saviour.

In March, we began the month with our Missions Conference. We had Bro. Luis Martinez come from Puerto Rico and were having a great time until we learned that Peru was going to be shut down due to the Coronavirus. We raced Bro. Martinez to the airport, and he made it into Puerto Rico on one of the last remaining flights. We praise God for His care over His servants. We had our last public service on that Sunday, and now the country is in lockdown. No one may leave their house unless for groceries or medicine. I was able to get a special pass from the police to care for the needy and those at risk. On a visit to an elderly lady in hospice from lung cancer, I had the privilege to lead her son-in-law, nephew, and nurse to the Lord. God has been faithful to give us opportunities to win souls for Him.

Please pray for wisdom as we seek to give the Gospel more. Our services our now completely online, and we have heard of many of our members gathering their families to watch church. We are also posting a video presentation of the Gospel today, hoping that many will come to the Lord. We recorded a video presentation of the Gospel that is being aired on social media, and more than 23,900 people have viewed it in the last 10 days. Our church family are getting together to make a meal for the Emergency Room staff of the local hospital. The Lord has provided the funds to make this a reality.

Many of our families live hand to mouth and are out of work. Some of you have given to help them out. Thank you for being a blessing.

His for souls,

Zach and Karin Foust