Zach Foust Prayer Letter:  Blessings of Our Spring ProgramMerry Christmas from sunny Lima, Peru! It seems strange to us to be celebrating the holidays in such warm weather! We hope that you have a very blessed Christmas and New Year.

The pastors’ workshop on the family that was held on November 14 was a great success! We appreciate your prayers about this. Many pastors and pastors’ wives expressed how much they had learned. One pastor from the jungle has invited us to come to his area and hold a similar workshop. Please pray with us about this opportunity.

We have so many exciting blessings to report to you all from the results of our Spring Program. We focused each Sunday in November on a people group that Christ loved. Each week members of our church worked hard to bring joy to these peoples’ lives. We had excellent attendances in both morning and evening services, and many people were saved each week. Each Sunday evening of the program, we sang the hymn “A New Name in Glory,” and our people rejoiced as each soul winner read the list of souls they had won that week. It was exciting to see God’s people grow in grace.

We mentioned in our last letter about an upcoming day of soul winning in Nueva Esperanza Cemetery on the Peruvian holiday, the “Day of the Dead.” We were so thankful to God for all of His blessings on that day. Thousands of tracts were passed out by our church people. More than 128 people trusted Christ as their Saviour on that day. For us, one of the biggest blessings was watching many of our people win their first soul to Christ on that day. One dad and his teenage daughter led more than 40 souls to Christ. They were so excited! Thank you so much for praying for this event.

In all, more than 223 people trusted Christ in the ministries of Iglesia Bautista Internacional of San Gabriel, Lima, Peru, during the months of November and December. While most of those people lived in other areas, we have had many people visit the church, and we have several new families attending. Please pray with us for the continued growth of the new converts.

We know that we are blessed to be missionaries. We are very thankful to each of you who pray for us and for each of you who support us financially. We are grateful to our Father for another blessed year here in Lima, Peru.

His for souls,

Zach and Karin Foust
Zachary, Caleb, and Logan