Fisa Mihy-Mihyndu Prayer Letter: Souls Saved, Discipleship, and Soul Winning in Inland GabonIn Acts 8:40, God declares, “But Philip was found at Azotus: and passing through he preached in all the cities, till he came to Caesarea.” God reminds us in this verse that He wants to use the local church to spread the Gospel in places where it still needs to arrive. The Lord opened new doors these past two months to bring the Gospel to a great number of souls from inland Gabon. PRAISE GOD! THANKS TO YOUR FAITHFUL PRAYERS AND GIVING, THE LORD HAS OPENED SOME NEW DOORS IN INLAND GABON!!


We have two scheduled weekly soul-winning times: Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. We adopted a strategy. We have been primarily focusing on the areas surrounding the church facility. We have seen some good results. Several souls received the Gospel, and many were saved. The LORD blessed our efforts with several visitors and several life-changing decisions.

We sent two mature Christians to do some missionary work southeast of Gabon in Tchibanga for one month. They passed out hundreds upon hundreds of tracts, led souls to the LORD, and trained some Christians there. One of those trainees is Francois. He wants to learn sound biblical doctrine. He asked a lot of questions. He wants us to go plant a church there. One older woman wants to donate her house for the church site. They reported to us that the people there have been deceived with false doctrine from the Charismatics and have a hunger for the truth. They desire to see a church get started there soon.


• We started the Bible institute with a Three-Cord Discipleship course, and we meet on Wednesday nights for two hours.
• Five church members so far are attending the institute; they are growing and maturing.
• One local pastor decided to get his doctrine right by attending the institute.
• Assistant to the pastor, Bro. Smith, has started preaching and teaching Level 1 of the Foundations of My Faith and is doing a good job.
• Bro. Mathurin, who oversees our soul winning, is preaching his first message this Sunday.
• The Lord has used Ms. Irene to bring several souls to church; about a dozen of those souls have stayed.
• We are strategizing to start some preaching and soul-winning points in surrounding towns.
• One older man asked us to start a church in his land about 30 miles from Libreville, where he passed out Gospel tracts.
• We are working towards starting an online webpage to stream our institute classes to Christians who want to learn sound doctrine in other parts of Gabon.

Here is the summary:

• Praise the LORD for giving us a computer, a brand-new piano, and some accompaniment for $1,100.
• The LORD helped us connect with Gabon’s top cook to reach the homeless community with the Gospel and food. We will be sending several boxes of tracts and John and Romans to six provinces in mid-December.
• We sent three requests to the Department of Education, the Central Prison, and the Defense Department to hand out Christian literature to students, soldiers, and prisoners throughout Gabon. Please pray for God to bless our efforts!
• We have been rehearsing for our upcoming Christmas Cantata. Please pray for several souls to come, hear the Gospel, and get saved.
• More people have joined the church.
• Please pray for the LORD’s wisdom and provisions as we seek to build our church platform, put key Scriptures in the sanctuary, and purchase two speakers, three microphones, an amplifier, and a mixer. The estimated cost is $1,500. I have already challenged the church to give towards these three projects.
• We have been using the church pickup you purchased at the beginning of the year to take people to church and drop them off on Sundays and for other church-related functions. We use it every day for multiple ministry-related functions: Scripture distribution, visitation, soul winning, funerals, etc. We need to purchase an 18- or 30-seat taxi bus for pickups and drop-offs on Sundays but also to take the Gospel to surrounding cities and beyond during the week. We have raised $1,800 so far for this project. PLEASE JOIN US IN PRAYER FOR IT!!
• Praise the LORD for the $11,000 raised so far towards the purchase of a piece of land. We are still prayerfully looking at the $414,000 land with one big, three-bedroom house and four studios.
• If you have any medical items, appliances, etc., please send them to us, as we will use them as tools to reach souls for Christ. I believe the LORD could use them in a great way here to see many souls come to Christ. We have two nurses in our church and recently met a born-again medical doctor.

I could never thank God enough because of your faithful prayers and giving! PLEASE PRAY FOR US EVEN MORE AS WE PRAY FOR YOU!!

If you want to invest towards either the purchase of the land, the purchase of the bus, or any other need mentioned above, please send it to FBMI at the following address:

507 State Street
Hammond, IN 46320
Missionary #174
*Please specify the need: Bus or Land.

THANK YOU INFINITELY, and may God richly bless you as you serve Him faithfully!!

That all everywhere may hear,

Fisa Mihy-Mihyndu

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” (I Corinthians 15:58)


1. Twenty souls have been saved, along with several souls southeast of Gabon.
2. Two maturing members are preaching now.
3. Five church members are enrolled in the Bible institute.
4. One local pastor wants to learn sound Bible doctrine.
5. We were able to purchase 1 piano and 1 computer.
6. Some souls southeast of Gabon want to hear the Gospel.


1. Souls to be saved
2. Baptisms
3. Discipleship
4. 18- or 30-seat passenger bus
5. Bible institute
6. Preaching and soul-winning points in surrounding cities
7. Churches to be started in Tchibanga and Ntoum