Fisa Mihy-Mihyndu Prayer Letter: Souls Saved, Baptism, Membership, Discipleship, and Church BuildingIn Matthew 16:18, Jesus declares, “. . . That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Jesus reminded us once again that He is in charge of the building of the Independent Fundamental Baptist Church of Libreville when He found us a church facility nearby to rent for multiple church-related uses. Probably the greatest blessing these past two months has been the step-by-step individual reconstruction and transformation done by God: many workers are being trained for the ministry. Generally, we tend to dislike the process but like the end results. Please pray for us!!



We owe God a great debt of gratitude for you all! Thank you for your fervent and continued prayers and support in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic! Souls are being saved, and lives are being transformed thanks to your faithfulness.


God helped us to hand out thousands upon thousands of Gospel tracts, John and Romans, New Testaments, and Bibles everywhere: marketplaces, neighborhoods, government buildings, schools, intersections, busy areas, homes, apartments, streets, stores, etc. The goal is to pass out 3,000 tracts weekly. God has given us a steady group of 25 dedicated soul winners, which is at least 50 percent of the church membership. The LORD has burdened my heart to see every member become a soul winner. God has given us a core group of 10 dedicated teenage soul winners. The LORD blessed us tremendously with 30 salvations and 1 baptism in July.

The LORD allowed me to attend a few funerals. Several mourners thanked us for the comfort received from the Gospel tracts and John and Romans; for that, we thank God! I recall at the funeral of Ms. Josiane’s niece, a faithful member, the Lord enabled me to share the Gospel, and about 10 received Jesus Christ as Saviour. Praise the LORD!!

On June 15 at 8:48 a.m., I received this message: “Good morning, Pastor Fisa. I am Gabonese in Libreville. My name is O’Neil. I am looking for a Baptist church in Libreville. I came out of the Charismatic movement where there was false anointing, false power, and false speaking in tongues. I don’t believe that receiving the Holy Spirit is the result of the false-tongues movement. I am tired of churches that spend time on prosperity and anointing all day long. I want to get baptized. I am in Christ. I got lost in false-deliverance doctrines by looking for dreams, visions, and revelations. I believe that the Bible is a closed canon and that all revelations today are found in the Bible. I found your information on Google and YouTube by researching Baptist churches in Libreville. Thank you for getting back with me. I really researched Bible-believing churches. I started listening to some of your teachings on YouTube that perfectly match my beliefs. I read FBMI’s mission statement, and it is correct.”

I sat down with Brother O’Neil one afternoon at my home and dealt with his salvation. He needed the assurance of his salvation. He settled it by putting his complete faith on Jesus Christ alone for his salvation. On June 27, after the morning church service, he got baptized. The same day, he went soul winning, tagged along me, and saw Mr. Mouketou, a police officer, trust Jesus Christ as Saviour. Praise the LORD! Brother O’Neil has a great hunger for the pure Word of God. He is a faithful tither and wants to work around his job schedule to come to church regularly. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!


Here is what the LORD has done lately:

Ten people completed the first level of discipleship.
• Several people were challenged by the lessons on good, godly Christian music and the misunderstanding of tongues.
Twelve members have started assuming leadership roles.
• Please pray for our church secretary, Ms. Daria. She loves the LORD. She is faithful, available, a soul winner, and maturing. She is very involved.
• Our assistant pastor is Bro. Smith. He checks on other members and visitors daily. He loves the LORD. He is faithful, available, a soul winner, and maturing. He’s never missed a church service.
• Ms. Annie Flore works with our Children’s Ministry. Please pray for her. She loves the LORD. She is faithful, available, and maturing; and she is good with kids.
• Our women’s soul-winning leader is Ms. Irene. Please pray for her. She said one of the things that drew her to our church was our soul-winning program. She loves the LORD. She is faithful, available, and maturing.
• Bro. Mathurin and Ms. Irene handle the follow-ups on our visitors. Please pray for them. They both love the LORD, are faithful, are soul winners, and are great intercessors.
• Our transportation coordinator is Bro. Smith. Please pray for him.
We have four candidates for baptism.
• Please pray for me as I teach a threefold-cord discipleship class to train instructors first, who in turn will train two saved souls each during the next ten-month period.


Here is the summary:

• Praise God, we are now renting a six-room facility for the ministry. PRAISE THE LORD! It costs $1,200 a month. We plan to use all of the rooms to their fullest extent. Please pray for the LORD’s wisdom and guidance.
• We are still renting two taxi buses every Sunday for transportation, which costs us $160 a week. Many people want to come to church, but we are short on finances to add another taxi bus. We are still praying for the purchase of a 30-seat passenger bus. We thank God for the generous gift of the Valley Baptist Church family of nearly $1,800 towards the purchase of the bus!!
• We are still prayerfully looking at the $414,000 land with one, big, three-bedroom house and four studios. We thank God for the $11,000 raised towards the purchase of the piece of land for the ministry.
• God be willing, we will be starting our Bible institute at the end of August (August 30).
• A piece of land was rented to grow plantains, bananas, yams, vegetables, etc. to help work towards becoming a self-supporting church.
• The government granted us permission to preach and distribute Christian literature in Libreville Central Prison.
• Four people joined the church.
• We have been doing some remodeling work: ceiling fans, interior and exterior paint, electricity, etc.
• If you have any medical items, appliances, etc., please send them to us, as we will use them as tools to reach souls for Christ. We have two nurses in our church.

If you want to invest towards either the purchase of the land, the purchase of the bus, or any other need, please send it to FBMI at the following address:

507 State Street
Hammond, IN 46320
Missionary #174
*Please specify the need: Bus or Land

THANK YOU, and may God richly bless you as you serve Him faithfully!!

That all everywhere may hear,

Fisa Mihy-Mihyndu

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” (I Corinthians 15: 58)


1. 30 souls saved
2. 1 baptism
3. 10 surrendered to preach
4. 10 first-level discipleship graduates
5. 4 added to the church
6. Renting a 6-room church building
7. Church banner
8. Church secretary
9. Assistant to the pastor
10. Children’s ministry leader


1. Souls to be saved
2. Baptisms
3. Discipleship
4. Church organization
5. Treasurer
6. 30-seat passenger bus
7. Youth ministry leader
8. Ushers team leader