Fisa Mihy-mihyndu Prayer Letter: Soul Winning and Doubtless RejoicingIt is written: “He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” (Psalm 126:6). In Luke 16, the torments of the rich man in Hell ought always to give us a profoundly compelling motive for praying, preaching, and soul winning. In Hell, he had an overdue and undeliverable mail for his five brethren. Dearly beloved brethren, let us not wait before it is too late.

Soul Winning

Praise the Lord for the strength, the mobility, and the opportunities He gave me these past 2 months to see 6 precious souls receive Jesus Christ by faith as their only Saviour! On September 25, at even, I had the privilege to present the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ as clear as possible to both Allen and Lincoln in Tennessee. They listened to me very attentively as the Holy Spirit began to work in their hearts. I think it was Allen who initially relied on the faith he had put in the sinner’s prayer at a Christian camp for salvation. After long abstinence, as I reasoned out of the Scriptures, Allen finally repented and placed his full faith in Jesus Christ alone as Saviour. Praise the Lord! God also helped me pass out tracts and witness to several people in both the Midwest and the South.


I rejoiced and still rejoice greatly at the news I received from some of my converts and trainees upon request of the things learned recently from their church services:

• Jeff said, “Church was great. We had 1 visitor. I enjoyed it.”
• Alfonso said, “Church was great!! Family is doing well; need your prayers.”
• Luis said, “I have been working 7 days a week.” Please pray for God to open a door for Luis to attend church regularly.
• Preston said, ” We talked about forgiveness and being willing to forgive all men. I really loved it.”
• Please pray for Howard. The last time I heard from him, he was requesting some prayers for his ear infection. Howard got saved about a year ago and soon began to attend an independent, fundamental Baptist church in Kentucky.

Ministry Presentation

I had the immense privilege to travel across the Midwest and the South to present the Lord’s work for Gabon before so many great church families. How truly moved I was to see so many churches that love God deeply and serve Him faithfully! From the first handshake at the door to the last goodbye in the parking lot, over and over again, I ceased not to notice true Christian love and real Christian faith reflected in the individual members. God also allowed me the great privilege to attend four Missions Conferences in Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia. God also opened a door for me to present the ministry before many great soul-winning churches and attend a revival meeting in Kentucky. It is definitely impossible for me to truly and appropriately express my deep gratitude to all those pastors and church families and for their consideration to help reach the whole country of Gabon with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ! Thank you and to God be all the glory!

Praise the Lord for 3 new supporting churches: First Baptist Church of Milford, Ohio; Coastline Baptist Church of Jacksonville, North Carolina; and Robertson Chapel Baptist Church of Northport, Alabama.


Praise the Lord for allowing me the opportunity to now raise $8,000 for the Bible project. Praise the Lord for Faith Baptist Church of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, giving $1,000 toward the Bible project. I also praise the Lord for using the Fellowship Tract League Team to start printing 1,080,000 French Gospel tracts, or 108 boxes, instead of the original number of 1,000,000 tracts. Without your resilient, importunate prayers and financial support, this ministry would not be possible. Thank you very much for your faithful prayers and support! May God continue to bless you as you serve Him faithfully! To God be all the glory!

That all everywhere may hear,

Bro. Fisa Mihy-mihyndu


1. 6 souls saved
2. Converts’ growth
3. $8,000 raised for the Bible project
4. 1,080,000 French Gospel tracts
5. 3 new supporting churches


1. Souls to be saved
2. New converts’ discipleship
3. 10,000 French Bibles
4. 10,000 French New Testaments
5. 10,000 John and Romans
6. 1,000,000 French Gospel tracts
7. 10,000 tracts in Punu
8. Discipleship materials
9. 5 new churches each month

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” (I Corinthians 15:58)