Dr. Dan Siemer Prayer Letter:  Being "In the Way"Dear Supporting Pastors and Churches,

“. . . I being in the way, the LORD led me . . . .” Genesis 24:27

As snow disappears, how great it is for trees to bud, for grass to “green,” and for birds to sing! It’s like the new birth, when all things become new. How great it is to be part of God’s work with you all.

We’re very thankful for those who’ve taught us by word and example the truth of Genesis 24:27. Staying “in the way” when things are dark, eventually the light breaks through.

In the Way to Australia and New Zealand: Thank you for praying! God blessed our trip to serve the missionaries and their churches in Sydney, Tasmania, and finally in Wanganui. Presenting the Gospel, souls were saved. Spending time with the missionaries, needs became evident, and God’s grace was applied. Interacting with the “Aussie” and “Kiwi” believers, God’s Hebrews 10:24-25 promise of edification was realized. Now we’re working to bring to fruition the projects that have begun.

In the Way in Indiana: Pastor has encouraged us to spend much more time in an organized way to help new believers to grow in Christ. Following his direction, God is blessing! Helping one such young man to grow in the faith, God has opened the doors to lead three others to Christ. This man and one of these new believers visited the church a week ago. She made a public profession of faith and plans to get baptized Easter Sunday.

In the Way, Preparing to Go to Brazil: God is blessing prayer and a lot of work as we prepare for the evangelistic college missions trip to Sao Paulo in June. Lana and I are blessed to accompany ten or eleven young people in an effort to help distribute over a million Gospel portions in thirteen languages as teams from all over the world descend on Brazil for the World Cup soccer competition. We are so thankful for the dedicated missions staff who join with us in caring for the many details.

In the Way With the Gospel: My favorite memory of God’s provision took place in New Zealand. A national believer and I were visiting house to house and had not seen anyone respond to the Gospel. We stopped to pray, and two doors later God allowed me to lead a heavily tattooed older man to the Lord. Later my partner told me that the tattoos indicated the man had been a gang member.

Thank you for being in the way with us. Thank you once again for giving so we might go. Please remember these needs as you pray:

1. God’s direction and provision for the Brazil trip, which will be June 17-26

2. Tom’s graduation from Hyles-Anderson College on the 9th of May and for the Lord’s direction to the right job and in His service for the Lord

With thankful hearts to God for each of you,

Dan and Lana Siemer and Tom