Dennis Lagos Prayer Letter:  The “Be Cool” UpdateGreetings from the West Coast. Our deputation journey has brought us out West, and we are thrilled for the many open doors God has led us through. From our travels east to west, God has been faithful, and His mercies have been renewed each day. Here are a few highlights since our last update:

➡ We have learned that our belongings that had been shipped to the Philippines have arrived and are ready for pickup.
➡ I have now secured an airline ticket to the Philippines for January 30, 2017. There in the Philippines I will expedite the necessary paperwork for our move back. I will also look for housing for our family to move into. My wife will be staying with her family while I take care of these preliminary things. After that, God willing, we hope our target support level will reach 100% to be ready to move back to the Philippines.
➡ We have asked prayer for our travels, for our meetings, and for God to use us to share His Gospel. Praise the Lord! We are currently at 59% of our target support level. We have experienced God’s watch care over us all along the way, and God is blessing with meetings and new partnerships.

Here are just a few exciting highlights from sharing the Gospel everywhere we go:

➡ We never expected to see a family from Saudi Arabia while visiting a small West Virginia town, but there they were at a Walmart. We learned that they were just here in the U.S. for two months, and they were only passing through that place. God allowed us enough time with them to plant the Gospel seed.
➡ While in Indiana for a brief time, we stopped at a Middle Eastern restaurant. My wife began witnessing to our waitress. The waitress left for a moment and came back with a gift for my wife; it was a Catholic rosary. Our waitress said she had just arrived from Jordan, and she was Catholic. Holly continued sharing the Gospel with her. Afterward, she understood that it was not her religion that would give her eternal life but the gift of God through our Lord Jesus Christ. We both marveled at how this young lady wanted to pray in Arabic, thanking the Lord for her new birth in Christ.
➡ Right before we were ready to depart for our long drive across the country from the East Coast to the West Coast, we received a very special call. A family that had come through the Refugee Ministry from our home church in Durham, North Carolina, but was now living in Nebraska called us to let us know they had believed on the Lord Jesus Christ as their only God and Saviour, and were now Christians. We rejoice at the salvation of this former Hindu family.
➡ Lastly, once we made it out West, one of our stops had been in Flagstaff, Arizona. We were only there for a brief time, but God allowed us to meet two young men from the Navajo Nation. These two teenagers allowed us to share the Gospel with them. When they understood they were lost and no religion could save them, they both believed on the Lord Jesus Christ as their only God and Saviour.

We give God the glory for many other decisions that have been made for the Lord since arriving out West. We look forward to sharing with you in the next update the great things God is doing. Thank you for your encouragement through your prayers and financial support.

In Christ’s service,

Dennis and Holly Lagos

“Be cool; pray for Bicol.”