Dennis Lagos Prayer Letter:  Praying for LaborersWe have had no travels over these last two months, but things have still been just as busy. Holly is teaching part-time at Fellowship Baptist Academy, our sending church’s Christian school. She has always loved teaching and is enjoying the privilege of being a part of our Christian school. I have been busy, as usual, trying to finish the video presentation that will present our burden for the Philippines, all the while ministering in two different cities for the Refugee Ministry of Fellowship Baptist Church.

It is an honor and privilege to serve the Lord, and I count my blessings that, while preparing things needed to begin deputation, I still have the privilege to serve the Lord in the Refugee Ministry. I have been busy in discipleship and excited for those who accepted Christ and who understood the step of obedience to Him for baptism.

My wife was privileged to receive a message from her former employer asking her to visit her home to share the Gospel with her children who were asking questions about salvation. What an honor it was for my wife to have left such a strong impression for Christ on the mind of her former employer that she would be asked to visit her employer’s home to share the Lord Jesus Christ. The boys accepted the Lord and later followed the Lord in obedience through baptism at Fellowship Baptist Church.

Some of our refugees have also made that step, and I am very excited for the spiritual growth of these precious people. One young man named Dil is a Nepali teenager. His mother and father and most of his relatives are Hindu. I had the privilege of leading this young man to the Lord, and he chose to follow the Lord in baptism. There are other young men in this Nepali community who do not care to learn of Christ or attend church. This young man is taking a stand for Christ in his community. It is amazing to see the hunger he has to know his Saviour.
I have also recently encountered a few families who are Nepali Christians who would be a helpful Christian influence in the refugee community. Pray that God would move in the hearts of these Christians to help us in reaching the lost in the refugee communities. Pray that God would touch the heart of one to step up and be a leader in this ministry as we prepare to move to deputation. Pray for the Arab community. There is still a real need for Christian translators and materials in their languages to share the Gospel, especially Farsi, and Somali languages for the many Afghan and Somali families we are encountering.

Thank you in advanced for your prayers for provision to fulfill God’s perfect will.

In His service,

Dennis and Holly Lagos



From Zambia


From Nepal