Dennis Lagos Prayer Letter:  God Is FaithfulThe holidays were a busy time for most, yet what a blessing it was to pause for just a while and reflect on the miraculous birth of our Saviour. We enjoyed spending time with my wife’s parents over Christmas break. We were also privileged to visit some wonderful churches and share God’s calling to the mission field on our lives. Now that we have entered a new year, we are even more excited about God’s leading in our journey of deputation. God is so good, and He has shown His favor in our lives. Our prayer is that God will lead us in the way that we may serve and be a blessing to others, all the while knowing God has proven His faithfulness.

God’s faithfulness was proven over and over again with so many people we encountered. I believe nothing happened by chance, but all were divine appointments. For example, there was the time that we were out visiting and were privileged to lead several refugees to the Lord or the time my wife was able to share the Gospel with two college students getting a bite to eat at a McDonald’s. All these were divine appointments, but there are a few that stand out in my mind that I thought I would share.

My wife noticed a Muslim woman who seemed to be lost in the grocery store. She kindly went over to see if she could help. My wife learned that the woman was from Saudi Arabia and was new to our country. She helped the woman find the items she had been looking for in the store, and amazingly the woman invited both my wife and me to her home. We visited, although there was a huge language barrier, but by God’s grace they graciously accepted our gift of a copy of the Gospel of John in Arabic. We are praying that they will know the Light of the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Then there is the miracle I wish to share. One of our Nepali refugees, an elderly man, had gone into the hospital with difficulty breathing. It turned out he had a life-threatening illness and was in a comatose state. The doctors told the family that he had only a 5% chance of survival. Both my wife and I began praying earnestly that God would raise this man up and allow him to go home. We prayed that we might have one more opportunity to share with this man salvation through Jesus Christ. God is faithful, and He answered our prayers. After a few days, the man woke up. Soon he was gaining strength, and before long he was back home with his family. The very next opportunity I had, I went to that man’s home. Through his daughter’s translating (she had been saved through the Refugee Ministry of our church), the man who had been a Hindu for 72 years received God’s salvation!

God has proven His faithfulness over and over again, and a new year means new blessings from God. Great is His faithfulness!

Prayer Requests

1. Meetings for deputation

2. Salvation for a Saudi family and other Muslimfamilies from the Refugee Ministry

3. Spiritual growth of the new believers

Your servants for Christ,

Dennis and Holly Lagos