David Solt Prayer Letter:  Turning the CornerDear Supporting Friends,

Turning the Corner

One year has passed since being voted in as pastor and the merger of the two churches. March marked the church’s 102nd anniversary! Within this framework of spiritual heritage, it is great to have a sense of freedom to move forward in our work with God and His people. We have a small ensemble of singers now, and Glenys has kindly stepped into the role of organist as we sing old-fashioned, Christ-honoring hymns to prepare our hearts for messages from the King James Bible.

Christ Is Changing Lives

So far our yearly total of salvations has reached 22. It was great to see Paul come to church with his stepdaughter and to see them accept Christ into their lives. They have remained faithful to services and show a desire in their hearts to grow, with all three children now attending King’s Kids Club. Also, we are excited to report that our attendance is increasing. Easter Sunday we had 92 in church! But last Sunday, we had a record crowd of 68 in the evening service with no special promotion. The spiritual hunger is encouraging.

Outreach and Soul Winning

Currently we are arranging to purchase a gazebo to develop a Saturday ministry in the center of our town. Preston is a market town, which gives us many opportunities to witness and win souls to the Saviour. We plan to use this gazebo to distribute Gospel tracts and books concerning creationism and the Rapture. We know that this will generate interest in our ministry for the Lord. Of course, we pray that people from our church will come to help, and this will open the door for them to learn how God can use them to lead souls to the Saviour.

Teenage Growing Pains!

As the boys are bigger and more active than ever, we have managed to have three broken bones in a matter of months. With the additional spring sunshine and blossoms, we now all have to fight allergies. It’s all well and good for everyone to have their lovely English flower gardens, but sometimes it seems we’re killing each other with our blossoms! The end of the homeschool year is in sight, as well as an anticipated visit from Grandma Anne Solt.

Our praise goes to a loving God for His faithfulness in providing for our needs and even our wants. It is amazing that He has help on the way before we even know that we will need help! Please pray with us as we consider a move closer to Preston and for God to supply the need of a larger vehicle since the boys insist on growing too big for the current model.

Thank you for dedicated support that enables us to serve faithfully here in England. God bless you!

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth, Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy

Field Address:
Lane End Farm
Thistleton Road
Thistleton PR4 3XA
United Kingdom