David Solt Prayer Letter: Off Again for Another YearOff Again for Another Year

The year 2015 has started with new challenges. We are now settled in our unique situation in pastoring these people in Preston. So far already, we have had 19 souls trust Christ, and 29 have visited our church. Our church is a weekly challenge as we help the people to understand their need to be faithful to church each Sunday. A week is filled with work, teaching, and preaching with prayer under the guidance of God.


Following the theme of II Timothy 2:2, we have been actively teaching and discipling our people. Thanks to the help of our sending church, we are going through the series, “Foundations of our Faith” on Wednesday nights. I am also working with different men in the church to teach them biblical fundamentals. Last Sunday I was thrilled to give one our men, Ian, casino a certificate, as he had completed all his lessons. He now plans to teach someone else what he learned. I’m also happy to enroll Ian in the “Teaching all Nations” as he continues his Bible studies, and we are also working with the Hyles- Anderson online program. I am working with three other men in the church and plan to add more soon.

Street-Witnessing Work

Our city over here is a market town, so many thousands come to shop downtown every day. This gives us great opportunities to go soul winning. It’s great to see that our church people are coming down with me to witness. Please pray for souls to be saved and for people to come and join our church in this important work. Soul winning is the key and will always be!

Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for Mary Beth’s mom, Nyna Kaminer. She now has all the ill effects of the cancer drugs to add to her daily struggle. Grace and strength are so needed.

Christmas and January this year were good financial months support wise. Thanks for your prayers and help in our ministry this year. Things are looking better for us financially, and we appreciate your gifts of love as we continue this important work in this needy land. Rest assured, we will continue to be a lighthouse for Christ and His Gospel. May He bless you in every way.

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth, Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy