<1. March 15 – 23a, the first of many “greater works,” began last month. THANK YOU to each of you who prayed for the new work, who gave to Faith Promise, or who gave a one-time offering toward the start-up costs of the church.

A very special THANK YOU to the following who sacrificed time and money to join with us in the work over the past recent months: Bro. Stephen Elliott, with Fishers of Men International; Bro. Greg Calix, assistant pastor to Pastor Pat Westich at Freedom Baptist Church, and four others; Bro. Allen Johnson, with Wings Bearing Precious Seed, and his family; Pastor Rick Carr, pastor at First Baptist Church in Springboro, Ohio, and two members of his church; and Bro. Allen Harris.

Several missionary families from other cities also gave of themselves: Paul and Ashley Kovach from Cotia, Sao Paulo; Wes and Cynthia Palla from Guarulhos, Sao Paulo; Carl and Cindy Johnson from Ribeiro Preto, Sao Paulo; and Bryan and Rebecca Johnson from São Paulo.

Here are the stats and averages from the first month: We had 117 for the Inaugural Service on Saturday, September 19; The averages for the first month include 151 visitors; 46 total salvations, with 22 at church and 24 in people’s homes; Sunday morning: 35; Sunday evening: 54; and Wednesday evening: 23.

This past week while visiting with our pastor, Missionary Ed Johnson, we talked with a grandmother, her adult son, and her granddaughter, age 12. All 3 trusted Jesus to forgive theirs sins. The son has come twice since he was saved and encouraged a friend to return with him.

While our family was looking for the right home for us, we stayed in another part of town in the home of missionaries Dan and Gerri Johnson. While getting different cars washed (while our car was in the “hospital”), we met Eduardo. Later Dawn and I were able to visit his family in their home. Praise the LORD that Eduardo and his oldest son trusted Jesus, and the mother got assurance of her salvation. They have come four or five times now.

The following paragraph is a quote from the brochure that we gave out during our last furlough:

In this entire region, there is a famine, not of bread and water, “but of hearing the words of the LORD.” (Amos 8:11) Please join us in humility and prayer, according to II Chronicles 7:14. Pray that our God will have liberty to work in and through each member of Team Brazil.

After living here less than six months, we have met dozens people from various walks of life who are truly experiencing a spiritual famine. THANK YOU for praying with us!

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For the PEOPLE of Brazil,

Bro. Dave Whitmore