Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  Welcome New Year!

With the new year comes new challenges. We must say “Goodbye” to our elderly members as they go home to Heaven. Last week we buried a precious man, who had been in our church for 76 years! He had a wonderful salvation testimony and was a blessing to so many. He certainly loved us and our kids. Thank God for godly Englishmen like Ron Eaton. At the funeral, the Gospel was greatly emphasized, giving us new opportunities to reach many dear people for Christ.

Some Things Don’t Change

We ended last year with 140 salvations decisions and 172 visitors in church! Our influence for God continues to grow in this area and country, for which we are grateful. So far this year, we’ve had 16 precious decisions for Christ and 27 visitors in church. Many witnessing opportunities continue to come along as well. I’m sure looking forward to soul winning tomorrow.

Exciting Year Ahead!

It’s great to know that Daniel and Joshua are hard at work at college studying for the ministry. Daniel graduates with his bachelor’s degree in May, and we are flying over to attend the ceremony. Also, we are excited to announce that Daniel proposed to his girlfriend, Rachel Strong, and the wedding is set for September this year! It makes for a busy year as well with all the work in our church. Thank you so much for the faithful prayers and support that continue to come our way. We are working hard to bring a return for your sacrifice. God is doing something special over here and is using you mightily!

Areas of Prayer

I’m so thankful for the First Baptist Church of Hammond! It was because of those wonderful people who started Hyles-Anderson College that I was able to come from Arizona to Indiana in 1986. It was there I grew greatly in my faith, trained for missions, and met and married Mary Beth. The college is moving ahead, thanks to the godly leadership of our sending pastor and dear friend, Pastor John Wilkerson. Can I ask you to please pray for the college and the leadership as they move forward? I think it is also great to send back our kids who are called to prepare for the ministry. Also, let’s pray about helping the college financially. It needs to keep strong, providing a godly, soul-winning atmosphere to train young people to reach America and the world for our Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless you, and
thanks for reading!

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth
Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy