Dave Solt Prayer Letter: Time Rolls OnI am sure you have never had such a year in your life as this one. It is amazing that it is nearly over, and we are soon moving on to 2021! We are still in lockdown in England. The government has again directed all the churches to shut their doors. The lockdown continues until the 2nd of December, and further restrictions will be in place afterward. For the many church members isolated at home, it has been particularly long and difficult. We have made a concerted effort to check in regularly with everyone by phone, by letters, and by delivering treats and gifts. Our members have also donated faithfully to our community cupboard, from which we have been able to provide food parcels to the needy. Also, it was a real blessing to collect and deliver treats to Preston’s local police and fire and rescue stations.

A Strange Christmas

Merry Christmas! Our community needs encouragement, so we bought a new nativity scene for the outside and beautiful electric candles for the church windows. It will look fantastic when we are done! When the lockdown is lifted, we plan to have special services for Christmas, masks and all. We have also been working behind the scenes, preparing gift boxes for the children of the church. Meanwhile, our church Facebook page has grown to 1,183 followers, and we have a high volume of people who are viewing our Sunday services! I set a church goal for 2020 to have 100 souls saved by Christmas. What has happened is that we have already had 136 saved! This means that we can work for 150 or perhaps 200 precious souls saved. After all that has happened in this country over the past year, that would be amazing!

God Is Good All the Time

Sometimes we can treat the above statement as a cliché, but it is true. I know times are frustrating, but we need to realise that Jesus is still Lord and that God controls the universe. There are many difficulties we have had to endure this year, but all in all, it has taught us patience. We do not know what is up ahead, but we know that God is in control. We might soon hear the trumpet. Let us hold fast and serve the Lord to the best of our ability to reach the lost and encourage the saved.

Thanksgiving for Two

Mary Beth and I are meeting the “empty nest” head on this year with Thanksgiving for Two. Since we are in lockdown, our plans to share the holiday with fellow missionaries, Justin and Holly Williams and their sons, had to be cancelled. As all three of our lads are in the Hammond, Indiana, area, they will be together for Thanksgiving this year. Daniel and Rachel will be hosting. It is a comfort to us to know that they have each other close during these challenging times. We do have plans for Josh and Jeremy to come home from Hyles-Anderson College to join us for Christmas. We pray they can enter the UK without too much problem, but they will have to quarantine whilst they are here. Intense family time will be welcome!

We are STILL praying for America! So many sweet people have been affected by COVID in a variety of ways. We pray for health for the suffering, comfort for the grieving, and God’s blessing and provision on His people. We pray for the leadership and especially for God’s people to stand for Christ and for right. The world needs a strong, free America with a heart for the lost. We offer our very sincere appreciation for those who continue to sacrifice for missions to be possible. May God bless and keep you for Christmas and 2021.

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth
Daniel, Rachel, Joshua, & Jeremy