Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  Thanksgiving BlessingsA very longstanding tradition in our church is to have a special Sunday in November for Thanksgiving. The people celebrate thanks to God by contributing to an annual Thanksgiving Gift Offering. This sacrificial offering is an important part of their year. We see that God has blessed our people for keeping their hearts tender over the years. They have been able to maintain their building for over 100 years, keeping the doors open for a Gospel witness, on an important corner of Preston, when so many other churches are folding or being sold off. It is our privilege to pastor God’s children here.

Christmas Season Visitors

We are really looking forward to the weeks ahead as we welcome people through the church doors during the Christmas Season. Thankfully, England is a country that still strongly upholds the tradition of Christmas. More people go to church at Christmastime over here than at any other time of the year. Please pray with us that God would send people hungry for the truth and a church home. There are many special activities at this time of year; so therefore, there are more opportunities to reach out. Our record for total yearly visitors since coming to the Northwest of England is 153. Last Sunday we came to 152 visitors! Also, we have had 138 salvation decisions since the beginning of the year!

Christmas Is Here

Last Sunday we sang Christmas carols in two nursing homes and our main city hospital. We were well received by patients and staff. Mary Beth had to sing through the tears as she watched the lonely and suffering join us in song. You never know whom you are reaching and how God is using you. Amen! Today a lady from a maternity-unity charity called to ask if we could sing carols in a major department store in the city because the hospital staff suggested our church carolers. What a great opportunity for the Gospel. We love when God opens doors. We will have a children’s nativity and Junior Church party this Sunday. Then we have a fellowship party, a traditional Christmas Carol Service, and a special service on Christmas Day. We will also be travelling around the city to sing carols to our housebound members and another nursing home—a tremendous chance to serve and love others!

The Solt Christmas

All our boys will be home for Christmas this year! What a sweet time it will be. Everyone at church is excited for Daniel and Josh
to be home for the holidays. God has been so good to us in a great many ways this year. We have a wonderful Boss, Who pays
great wages and even throws in some tremendous bonuses! Thank you so much for all your prayers and faithfulness for the year!

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth
Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy