Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  Soul Winning Is the KeySoul Winning Is the Key

In our changing days when it seems that many are leaving the old-time, Christ-honouring ways, we here in England are bucking against the trend. Every week we are out witnessing for our Saviour! We don’t plan to change but to do more with the Gospel—in season and out! The saving Gospel of Christ should be continued and uplifted. So far, 37 people have trusted the Lord for Heaven, with 5 folks looking to be baptized by the end of July!

More Coming to Church

It’s wonderful to see our Sunday night crowd averaging in the 50s. We have never had this amount in our years of ministry in England. Just now we are preaching a series through the book of Genesis. This is new and challenging, but needed, as we endorse the creation account as spoken in our King James Bible. So far, it is well received, and many are making decisions. God is so good!

Saturday Book Table

Our new addition of the Town Center Ministry begins at the end of July. We have books on the Rapture, the Creation account as found in the Book of Genesis, and a heap of tracts to hand out. If anyone knows me, I’ll be out witnessing, and we are praying that many will trust Christ and come to church. Just recently we led a lady, her mother, and her son to the Lord. They have grown up in Islam and are now vibrant Christians!

Special Prayer Request

Mary Beth would like to ask for special prayer for her mother, Nyna Kaminer. She battles a long-term degenerative disease and has recently been undergoing tests for more trouble in her lungs. She is currently living with an oxygen supply but suffers greatly with episodes of breathing difficulties and congestive heart disease. Please pray for the doctors to find a way to ease her symptoms and that God would provide the needed help in the home.

Family Fun!

What a joy it is to watch our boys grow up to be men. Daniel just turned 17, and Joshua turns 15 in July. Jeremy is a very tall 12! They are great helpers in the church and maintain their testimony for the Lord. August brings our Holiday Bible Club (VBS), and these lads will be so busy! Just recently we had a relaxing time camping together in beautiful weather for our region.

As we mentioned in our last letter, we needed a newer car for our ministry. God provided with a 2007 Kia with 56,000 miles on the clock. Thanks to all who prayed and provided for this need. Also, allow us to thank you for your prayer and faithful support. We truly need this, as we are involved in the spiritual battle for the souls of this needy land. May God bless you this summer in His service!

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth, Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy

Field Address:
Lane End Farm
Thistleton Road
Thistleton PR4 3XA
United Kingdom