Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  Record-Breaking Year!A Short Trip, But a Great Trip

At the end of September, I was able to travel to Indiana to visit our two sons and the First Baptist Church of Hammond. Hyles-Anderson College is doing better than ever! They had a large enrollment of freshmen this year, and the spiritual quality of the students is incredibly high. It’s exciting to have our sons rubbing shoulders with the children of our former classmates. It was fun teaching in the missions classes and Church Ed. Thank you, Brother Francis and Brother Snipes, for your friendship and backing. I would also like to thank Pastor Wilkerson personally for his amazing leadership in the church and college. Also, allow us to thank the faculty and staff for all you do to provide a home and counsel for our boys. We are so blessed to be associated with you, and we heartily recommend Hyles-Anderson College to anyone preparing for the ministry. Thanks to the church for honouring us with a beautiful plaque as 25-year missionaries with FBMI. We thank God for the godly leadership of Dr. Cox, Dr. Moore, and now Dr. Bosje. Thanks to our FBMI staff for your kind help and support. You’re amazing people!

Record-Breaking Year

Our church is growing, and it is certainly exciting! We have had 128 salvations, and 144 people have visited our church so far this year. Our biggest year for visitors was in 2013, with 153 total visitors. We are now looking to shatter that record. I’m pleased to report that 2 men were baptized last week. More folks are coming out soul winning as well. God is blessing. Thanks for praying!

Christmas Is Coming

The Christmas holiday is usually our busiest time, with many visiting and attending church. Please be in prayer, as good momentum is being made up to the run of our Christmas season. We will be caroling at a nursing home and hospital. A big Junior Church Christmas party is planned, as well as a Christmas party for our older people. We have a carol service and a Christmas Day service. England always makes Christmas big, and the people attend more church during Christmas than any other time of the year. Please be in prayer for us as we work to make this the most exciting Christmas ever.

The Solt Team

Daniel is a senior this year and juggling many responsibilities. Josh is a sophomore with a heavy class load this semester. Please do pray for their health and safety as they push themselves to the limit with ministry, school, sports, and full-time work. How thankful we are for the
scholarships that help with their tuition. By the way, both are winning souls to the Saviour, so those who donate to scholarships will have rewards in Heaven for sure! Jeremy is a huge help at home and gets busier by the month. We keep hearing, “What will we do when Jeremy leaves?” Our thanks to all for the encouragement and support. God bless you as you also prepare for Christmas!

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth
Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy