Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  Maturing and Growing Together in Our Walk With HimNot Easy

Thanks so much for praying for us as we have faced the recent trial of Mary Beth’s broken leg. The recovery to full health for her will be a slow process, as she broke her tibia bone in two places from the knee downward in a vertical way. Surgery was required with a 33-centimeter incision. Two metal plates were pinned into place, and she will have them connected to her left tibia bone the rest of her life. It was truly a change of life for all of us caring for her, but she continues to heal. Thanks for so many of you praying for us during this difficult time.

Gearing Up

Even so, the church continues to grow. Our people have stepped into areas of teaching and helping. God has used this time to mature us and grow us together in our walk with Him. Praise God for His faithfulness. We are still out soul winning, and 21 have come to Christ so far this year. Visitors are coming nearly every week. On a given Sunday, we have a regular total attendance of around 100 different people coming to our church. We are currently planning a big visitor Sunday on the 12th of June. Please be in prayer about this as well.

Daniel’s Itinerancy

Daniel did very well during his freshmen year at Hyles–Anderson College. During the missions conference at First Baptist Church, he surrendered his life to missions. His dream is to someday work in our ministry here in England. Therefore, as he is home this summer, he will be working with us in soul-winning and church ministry. We will be helping him out of our work fund in order for him to have finances for his sophomore year in the fall. It’s exciting to have his help. We are looking forward to hearing him preach on a Sunday night this summer, and he will be closely helping us with Vacation Bible School, Junior Church, and Kings Kids’ Club. He will be a big help to his brothers and to us too.

Prayer for Mary Beth

Mary Beth needs our continued prayer as she recovers from her broken leg. The doctors have told us on a scale of one to six, six being the worst, this is a six. It will take some time before she will be fully mobile. This trial has lasted over two months. As you can imagine, it has been hard for everyone, especially Mary Beth. Thanks for your continued prayer for her and for the ministry that God has given us in England. So far, all else is well. Please be in prayer for us as we continue to witness, train, and establish a strong soul-winning ministry in the heart of Britain. May God bless you all!

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth, Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy