Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  Hard Work in the LordHard Work in the Lord

It has been a busy autumn laboring in the Lord. What a blessing! Many Sundays we have had over 80 in church and a high record Sunday with 109! That is more than we have had in church since coming to the Northwest. We have also had over 600 souls saved since coming up here, and 88 of those were just this year. God is still in the saving business; and, therefore, we are too.

A Gospel Priority

Brother Hyles taught us that God can build a church anywhere. I have always believed this and patterned our ministry under this principle. Our priority is the Gospel and will continue as such. The pulpit in our church is dedicated to it. Not only that, but we are prioritizing personal discipleship in our church, and I am meeting with key men in our church weekly to train in biblical doctrine. This is very important here in England, as so many lack an understanding of simple Bible truths.

A Visitor Record in the Making

Please be in prayer that we have more first-time visitors this year than the last year. So far we have had 114 new visitors in church this year! Last year’s record was 153, so we have a ways to go. We would really appreciate your prayers as we seek to invite more people to attend and hear the Gospel.

Mary Beth’s Mom

Mary Beth was blessed with a gift of airline tickets to make a quick trip to see her mother. Thank you so very much for the sincere friends who gave and for those who are praying for Nyna Kaminer. She continues to decline but has recently begun a cancer drug treatment that may result in another remission for a time. The lung damage is already severe, so she’s adjusting to being home more and living on oxygen, etc. Please pray for grace for the months ahead for all involved, especially Mary Beth’s stepdad, Carl Kaminer.

Daniel Prepares for Hyles-Anderson

This year I invested a little of our finances to bring my son Daniel over to the USA, as he has applied to attend Hyles-Anderson College next year. We are very excited about Daniel’s spiritual decisions and are thrilled that he desires to walk down the same hallways that we did over 20 years ago. The gap he will be leaving in our ministry in Preston will definitely be hard to fill. Thanks for taking care of our family with your prayers and continued financial support.

We are hearing about struggling churches in the States that are dropping or lowering their missions programs. In September our support saw a drop, not serious but concerning. Please let us know if you are having difficulty so we can pray for you. We certainly need your help now more than ever. Even so, we have many faithful churches that have been helping us, and we appreciate your steady support and the prayer that backs it up. God bless you.

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth, Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy