Dave Solt Prayer Letter: Going After Souls for JesusMary Beth Is Back to Normal

We are excited to report that Mary Beth is back on track. Occasionally she still needs her cane, but otherwise she is doing well and received an all-clear on other recent investigations. Thanks again for everyone who has prayed for her recovery. It’s been a difficult year, but thankfully she is much improved.

Going After Souls for Jesus

We are close to seeing 100 souls saved this year. We have 76 who have been saved for the year; 769 have trusted Christ since we came to the Northwest of England in 2008. I believe great days are coming as we move forward in our ministry. Canvassing our area is going well, and thousands of Gospel tracts have been distributed since our last letter. Please pray with us as we continue to grow in the work of God.

From Soccer to the Saviour

We have been blessed to have a man in our church who played for our city’s professional soccer team, Preston North End. Believe it or not, his name is Dave. Nearly every weekend, Dave and I are out on Saturdays, witnessing to the shoppers on the streets. It’s an encouragement to have him along and a joy that he shares our soul-winning fervor! Recently we set up a book table, and Dave brought some pictures of his days as a soccer player when thousands came to see him play. People stopped by the table to meet Dave, and we had great discussions. Dave has said that leading souls to Jesus is greater than making a “hat trick” soccer goal!

College Days With the Lads

Josh and I had the chance to attend the Homecoming Conference in Hammond, Indiana. It was great to see Daniel and meet his friends, many of whom are children of our former classmates. Praise God that Daniel has surrendered to be a missionary and would like to serve in England someday. It was fun to preach on the night bus and speak in his bus-division meeting. What a special privilege it was to teach some classes at Hyles-Anderson College. Brother Wilkerson is doing a fantastic job in pastoring and in his leadership of the college. Our son Joshua lived in the dorms for the week and looks forward to attending college next year. That means two Solts will be at HAC! It is such a blessing to see our kids walk the same hallways we did just over two decades ago, yet we do realize that it is because of your prayers and financial support that we have enjoyed the privilege of serving as a family here in the UK. Thanks to you again, and praise God!

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth, Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy