Dave Solt Prayer Letter: Exciting Year So FarLet me start by thanking all who pray for and give to this ministry. You have been faithful, and we certainly appreciate all that you are doing for us over here. The UK lockdown is easing, and the government here expects life may be more normal by mid-June. As you probably realise, it is much more difficult living with Coronavirus in Europe. One huge consolation is that no one here has been made seriously ill from the virus, and no one in the church has passed away from it! God is good! Another thing that I have noticed is that there is an increased openness in the hearts of people for the Gospel. It is a good time to be missionaries to England. Thanks for your help in God’s work over here.

We have seen 52 saved so far this year, and 9 first-time visitors have attended since the beginning of the year. We rejoice to see more young adults living out their faith. We are thankful for Zach, who has been attending for the past year and goes soul winning with me weekly. Just recently, Zach had the privilege of leading his first soul to Christ! He is now taking Tom along witnessing with him for an hour on Sunday afternoons on their own initiative.

Funeral for Charlie

Recently, a dear brother in our church passed away to Glory, Charlie Gavin. We knew Charlie for over a decade and knew that he was not doing too well. His brother Jimmy checked on him one Saturday and discovered Charlie deceased; he had simply died in his sleep. Many came to Charlie’s funeral, and it gave me another opportunity to share the Gospel with family and friends. Pray that God uses us as we visit and witness to the lost in Charlie’s family in the next few weeks. May God grant “beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning.”

Long Lockdown Days

Our home has been a sanctuary in the time of storm. But now the sun is shining, and we want out! These last days of full lockdown are weighing heavily on all of us. Stay-at-home orders are being lifted. Soon we will be able to have a total of six people visit us in our garden. We plan to have young adults over for a barbeque and question time on a Sunday afternoon. Shops opened in mid-April, but we really have little desire to mix with the masses. Common sense is keeping us away from crowds at this time so that we can minister on Sundays with a clear conscience. The vaccines have been rolling out quickly here, and the COVID numbers are dropping. We praise God and pray that we can soon open the church a bit more than just one in-person service a week. It has been surreal to go from a packed schedule to no fellowship or events, not even Mary Beth’s children’s ministries!

Thank you for praying for the Solts in the UK. We recognise God at work through the power of prayer, and we thank you for praying for the Solts in the USA. Our two lads, Josh and Jeremy, are finishing the year at Hyles-Anderson and booking their calendars with summer school and events there in Hammond. Daniel and Rachel have seen God’s provision for them and know that He has a special plan for their future in the UK. May God richly bless you for your prayers and kindnesses.

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth
Daniel, Rachel, Joshua, & Jeremy