Dave Solt Prayer Letter: Back on LockdownBack on Lockdown

We should always be thankful for the freedom we have as Americans. Nowhere else on this planet is as free as the USA. If you are wondering what social healthcare is like, look no farther than what we have over here in England. Right now, we are told that we will have to go back on a national lockdown to save the National Health Service. This concern is being used to condition Britain to fall obediently in line. The government is allowing schools to remain open, but churches must close. Of course, we are not happy with this. We need to continue to pray for our leaders. I believe that it was prayer that pulled our prime minister through when he was so desperately ill with COVID. Society is becoming more and more secular, and it looks like churches are marginalised. Yet we are so glad that you helped to send us here, and we are needed. God has called us to the kingdom (UK) for such a time as this. We could not thank you more for helping in this opportunity to reach a nation we greatly love for Christ.

“Do What We CAN Do!”

Last Sunday we had the Lord’s Supper together for the first time in over six months. We purchased plastic cups with tabs to pull for the bread and grape juice. We have been reduced to one service a week where everyone must still wear face masks in church, practice social distancing, and check temperatures at the door. Yet once again, we are locked down for a month with only online services. This means no public meetings, mandated by law. Already for over four months this year, we have held only online services with no public meetings. I would have never imagined being in this situation; but we are here to help these people, and the need is great! As this crisis deepens, so does the spiritual desperation of the people. Please pray for us to have wisdom and discernment to meet these needs, as found in Mary Beth’s new theme, “Do what we CAN do!”

Continued Blessings

God is working. We have a goal to have 100 souls saved this year, and already we are at 95 souls saved! There is a way to witness for our Saviour, and we go after it. Our church Facebook page has 908 followers. We are constantly posting Sunday messages and Bible studies online. We are working on ways to increase our visibility in our community, as well as encourage our many isolated members. God always makes a way forward. The enemies are great and always have been, but greater is He that is in us! When all of this is behind us and we move forwards with public meetings, the online doctrinal teaching will continue to help people come to Christ and grow in their faith. I am thankful for 2020. It has been a year of teaching and growing, which will propel us in the work of God for years or until He comes, which likely is sooner than we realize.

Empty Nest

Please pray for Mary Beth and me as we adjust to our new “empty nest” status. Veteran missionaries and pastors will understand the gap left in the home and the church when your children move on for the Lord. As Mary Beth was pregnant with our first son Daniel when we arrived on the field in 1996, we have never known a time ministering without them. We are, of course, very challenged to learn to cover so many of the tasks that our lads managed so well. “It is a good pain!” The Solt Team has been outsourced to America! We rejoice in their current efforts and victories for Christ’s sake.

We are praying for America! Please do keep in touch and let us know how you are doing so we can pray for you. You are all a blessing to us!

Our thanks for your continuing to partner with our ministry for Christ’s sake. May God richly bless you for your prayers and kindnesses.

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth
Daniel, Rachel, Joshua, & Jeremy