Dave Solt Prayer Letter: Another YearAnother Year

It’s exciting to face another year, especially 2020! The year has started with a full church schedule of services, events, ladies’ meetings, children’s programs, nursing homes, and even a wedding. Wycliffe turns 108 this year! We consider it a great privilege to be here in this place of ministry for such a time as this.

Folks Are Visiting

God blesses our efforts by bringing visitors to the church. When anyone visits Wycliffe on Sunday, we kindly ask them to fill out a visitor card, and they receive a free pen! This gives us a huge list for visitor letters to be sent, visits to be made, and the Gospel to be shared lovingly with needy souls! England needs this desperately. Last year, we had 118 visitors come to church, and this year we’ve already had 24 visitors. This causes us to be very busy in the work for Jesus. Please pray that God leads more people to join in the work and help us fill up these beautiful old pews.

Sowing for the Harvest

And this will be a year of sowing. We are out actively distributing John and Romans door to door. At the last count, we have been to over 1,100 doors since January. Then we will go back and knock doors and seek to give a clear presentation of the Gospel. We refuse to listen to the naysayers who say it’s too hard in England. Every field is a challenge, and God wants us to meet that challenge. Jesus is coming! Also, we think of your prayers and sacrifice to keep us here in this place. We want you to have many returns for your investments in this ministry, so we propel ourselves forward, trusting in the Lord.

Last year we had 81 souls come to the Lord! All told, that’s 1,146 souls who have professed their faith in Christ since we came to the Northwest of England in 2008, with 74 of those baptized! We have men out soul winning with us, so we anticipate opportunities to rejoice in the salvation of more souls. We have seen 17 profess faith in Christ so far this year. We just ordered 25,000 Gospel tracts of our own design. Since we came to Preston, well over 100,000 tracts have been handed out! May God bless the seeds of truth being sown.

Solt Family News

After the passing of my father in October, the family decided my mom, Anne Solt, needed to be with us for Christmas. The week before her flight, Mom fell on the ice (in Arizona!) and broke her arm. After being pinned and plated back together, she managed the long journey to us. What an “Adventure Grandma!” Despite visiting every year for 20-plus years, this was Mom’s first Christmas in England! It was sweet to share so many of our traditions and activities with her. We may have another visit from her this spring, but wisdom and prayer are needed as the virus spreads. Please pray for our family’s health and safety in the days ahead and especially for our dear elderly church members.

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth
Daniel, Rachel, Joshua, & Jeremy