Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  A Positive SummerA Positive Summer

Usually summer is hard for many churches, but it seems that the summer is a harvest time for us in England. So far this year, we have had 64 salvations, with a record attendance of 102 in August! Recently I was talking to one of the ladies of our church who is in her 70s. She has been attending the church her whole life. I asked her when she thought was the best time of blessing in her church. She shocked me when she said, “Now is the best time of blessing I have ever seen.”

More Coming to Evening Church

What is interesting is that our Sunday night crowd is growing. In August we have been averaging in the 60s, and one evening we had nearly 70! We have never had an average like that, even when we ministered in London!

Holiday Bible Club (VBS)

We were excited to run our second annual Holiday Bible Club for our area children. We had 47 children registered for the week, and 21 raised their hands for salvation. It was a week of fun, games, singing, and preaching as we looked for clues to the King of kings. On Sunday we had a record attendance since coming to Northwest England. We had over 25 of our church people helping throughout the week, and everyone did such a wonderful job!

Training the Future

It’s always a blessing to see men step forward for the ministry. We have a young man, Ian, who is learning through Hyles-Anderson Online and doing very well with his studies. He faithfully attends, drives a minibus, and is a huge help to us and our church. Now every week, Ian and I are involved in intensive training sessions, which include subjects like song leading, preparing sermon and Bible study outlines, pulpit etiquette, soul winning, and visitation. We are hoping that by next year he can take a more direct role in the leadership of our church.

Family Prayer Needs

Please pray with us for Mary Beth’s mother, Nyna Kaminer, as she battles a very debilitating long-term disease, which has severely damaged her lungs. She will be undergoing intensive medical treatment once again this autumn, but her prospects are dim. We ask for prayer for Mary Beth as she makes a journey to visit her mom soon.

Again, we thank you for your prayer and faithful support. Our ministry in England depends on your spiritual support for souls to be saved and lives to be helped. Daniel and I will be attending the conference in Hammond this year and look forward to speaking to so many faithful friends, as well as recharging our batteries for the upcoming year.

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave and Mary Beth, Daniel, Joshua, and Jeremy

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