Dave and Mary Beth Solt Prayer Letter: Happy Christmas!Hello again! I realise that we just wrote to you, but we cannot complete this year without also wishing you a very Happy Christmas. We really want to thank you for your prayers during this wonderful year of blessing. Last Sunday, we had 93 in church, and only 2 were visitors. We have had 124 first-time visitors (a record) for the year, with 176 salvation decisions . . . but we are not done yet. Please pray that we would finish this year with 200 salvations. Amen! The total saved is 1,640 saved since moving up to the northwest of England. Thank you so much for your faithful financial support that has remained strong throughout.

Much Is Being Planned . . .

Our Christmas events include a catered Christmas party for our church adults, a nativity family service with a Junior Church party and meal, and carol singing at three different nursing homes. Then we have the big traditional Sunday Evening Carol Service on Christmas Eve, a shopping trip for buying presents, and a service on Christmas Day. It will be a good time for visitors to come, so we anticipate that there will be preaching and witnessing opportunities to reach more souls for the Saviour. We will continue our Wednesday night Bible study and Thursday coffee morning, which is another opportunity to reach souls for Jesus. As we do every Christmas, we visit our police station with home-baked cookies and cakes, along with tracts and other outreach materials. Saturday soul winning will also be very much on our menu.

Meanwhile . . .

Our church will be beautifully decorated. We are hoping to attract many to our Saviour through the lights and a nativity scene, along with a friendly atmosphere. Please pray with us concerning our church Christmas holidays, and we will also pray for you as you prepare for your Christmas season!

Solt Family Prayer Requests

At the time of this writing, Mary Beth is blessed to be sharing an American Thanksgiving with all three of our boys and her family in Kentucky. Her short trip is a needed break “off island” to connect with loved ones. She will be back to help in time for church Christmas events, Lord willing. We also look forward to Josh coming home to England for a Christmas visit. This is a particular blessing for us to have this extra time with him. Jeremy will have an exciting holiday in Boston with special friends. Dan’s family will be joining the Strongs in Montana for a snowy Western Christmas and more deputation meetings. Please pray for everyone’s health and for safety for the many long journeys that will be and are being taken.

Please have a wonderful time this Christmas. We realise that because of the situations and troubles around the world and in the USA, many have been discouraged. God would want us as believers to be an open witness of the saving Gospel of Christ. Jesus was given to save the world, and He is the greatest of all gifts. Of course, we know this. Therefore, a beautifully decorated church and a full Christmas schedule will bring praise and honour to our Lord. Once again, thank you so much for your prayers, love, and sacrifice. Have a wonderful Christmas, dear friends.

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family