Dave and Mary Beth Solt Prayer Letter: God Is So Good!It has been busy! It is not unusual for me to study with and disciple new believers all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The pandemic has caused many to question what is going on in the world. This questioning helps us to bring the truth to the hearts of new Christians and those who are lost. Also, the pandemic basically forced me into my study for more hours each day. Now my Bible-study habit has changed, resulting in a freshness of biblical truth for messages and Bible studies. I’m hungry to learn, and the people are open to listen. God is working.

Ninety-nine have now been saved so far this year (almost to 100), and 52 first-time visitors have attended since the beginning of the year. Please continue to pray for us, as we have folks that need to be baptised soon! We have entertained the idea of baptising in the sea or in a river nearby. Unfortunately, we live in a colder climate, so that makes things difficult. Now we are looking into baptising on a Saturday. The pandemic is still on, and our church is still wearing masks, social distancing, and refraining from fellowship times. Many people in Britain are still contracting COVID, so we are having a difficult time opening everything in the church, but we continue to hope in the Lord that it will be over soon.


I’m convinced! God works through prayer! God also wants us to be busy in His work. One thing we have done as a church is to set up two Zoom prayer meetings in the week where we share prayer requests and pray over these needs. We have watched God answer prayer, and this creates excitement and growth in faith. Would you pray with us that God will use us in a mighty way to lead many to Christ and to strengthen believers? This is our heart and desire.

Finally Able to See My Mother

Two years ago, my dad died and went to Glory. I tried to get over to be with him during his final moments, but the flight was cancelled. I was able to be with my mother and sister in the time afterwards. My dad’s passing was very hard for my mother; then the pandemic set in. Thankfully, my sister was able to help Mom through this difficult time. We, of course, were not able to travel. Finally, at the end of October, I was able to get to the States to help my mother. It has been a joy to be here for two weeks! Also, I have been able to work with Liberty Baptist Church in Prescott, Arizona, my hometown. Just yesterday, a dear man trusted Christ for Heaven. God is good all the time!

Thank you for praying for the Solts in the UK and in the US. A very special blessing came our way in the form of Daniel and Rachel! They had a 10-day quarantine and then stayed for another few weeks. During this visit, God confirmed His call for them to live and serve Him here in England. Praise the Lord for calling faithful men to His harvest. And another huge blessing is that they are expecting a baby girl in January. Our family would ask for prayer for Rachel’s pregnancy to continue safely. Meanwhile, Josh has been working hard with media internship, as a new bus captain, and with a new job. Jeremy has a chance to sing with the college men’s ensemble and has divided his studies between ministry, music, and missions. We truly thank all who are investing in the lives of our family in preparation, in prayer, and in financial support.

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth
Daniel, Rachel, Joshua, & Jeremy