thumbnail of Dave Solt December 2022 Prayer Letter – RevisedA Thankful Christmas

As you know, things have been more difficult for missionaries in recent days. Britain is having economic problems due to bad political decisions and the war in Ukraine, both of which will almost certainly cause further times of hardship, yet our support has been steady, which we truly appreciate. Your confidence in our ministry drives us forward and encourages us so much! Since the beginning of 2022, we have had 105 salvations and 6 baptisms, and we have had 120 people visit the church, as we are experiencing more and more church growth.

People here in England need answers, and many are becoming impoverished due to the bad economic situation here. The extremely high rates for gas and electric leave many desperate for help. We are so glad to be here, in our place, to help provide answers and give these dear people a sure hope in Christ with the Gospel. This is all because of your prayers and sacrifice. Thank you!

Many New Faces

Throughout the months since we opened our services from COVID, we have seen many new faces in and out of our church. A few families from Pakistan have recently come along, as well as new students from India. Also, a lovely Nigerian couple with their baby has come. We have recently seen the return of a group from Bulgaria with even more of their friends. It is a testimony to the friendliness of our members, and it is a great joy to have the chance to work with visitors towards their salvation.

A Busy Christmas

Mary Beth and I took a nine-day trip to Israel this month with a tour sponsored by our sending church, the First Baptist Church of Hammond. I personally believe this trip will change our lives and help us with perspective concerning the history of Israel in the past and the prophecies in the future.

Jeremy is home for Christmas! It will be wonderful to have some family here with us. Of course, there will be many church events during the Christmas season, and it will be great for Jeremy to serve with us. We will have a big Junior Church Christmas party with a nativity play. There will be an evening family carol service, as well as singing carols at two hospitals to raise money for a charity that helps newborn and premature babies. We will also have our annual Cakes for Cops giveaway at the county police station. Please pray that we will have many opportunities to highlight the true meaning of the Christmas season.

Further Family News

Josh is settling into a new home, job, and church in Iowa. You will find his new address below. Thank you for praying for Josh’s future in Christ. Daniel, Rachel, and Baby Ruby are making tracks on the deputation trail. We are so blessed to hear of some of our long-term supporting churches being so kind to them along the way! Please do pray with us for their safety.

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth
Daniel, Rachel Joshua, & Jeremy