Dave and Dawn Whitmore Prayer Letter: We Outgrew Our Church Building . . . Again!“Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom He hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy.” (Psalm 107:2)

This letter was written from the U.S. after the wedding of our son Jonathan and his bride Juanita on April 17. Pray for them as they seek the Lord’s direction in where He would have them serve as missionaries. We will return to Brazil after we receive Zachary’s new passport.

EXCITING NEWS! On March 16, due to the need for a larger auditorium and more Sunday school classrooms, New Life Baptist Church (Igreja Batista Nova Vida) in Taubaté, São Paulo, moved to its third rented facilities in 5½ years. Included with this letter is the brochure that was prepared for a four-week program to invite the people to the new location. Due to the COVID restrictions, most of the flyers were not able to be given away.

The day before the move on March 15, due to COVID-19, the state of São Paulo went into a State of Emergency for two weeks, which was further extended for over a month. Public services were not permitted, but we continued to hold regularly scheduled services behind closed doors.

The day before Easter, all churches were given temporary permission to open their doors, but it was revoked the day after Easter. That Sunday we were blessed with five first-time visitors. Two were a mother and daughter, Liliana and Nathalie; we had visited them the day before and explained the Gospel to them. They came to both services. The other three were Daniel, Vanessa, and Paulo Vinicius, who visited during the evening service. Pray with us for the salvation of these new friends. Click on this link to see pictures and videos from our Easter Sunday: https://www.facebook.com/100000724358595/posts/4368711146496321/?d=n.

Praise the LORD for the leadership and vision of Missionary Ed Johnson, the senior pastor of New Life Baptist Church and the leader of Team Brazil, over the past year in helping our people to continue serving our Saviour through soul winning weekly, baptizing converts, discipling new members, attending the Bible institute, tithing, giving to missions through Faith Promise, raising money to purchase property, and other regular activities.

Six months ago, Ezilson asked for help, trusted Christ, and came to church for about a month. After not coming for about four months, the Holy Spirit brought him back. Please continue praying for him and his family. His wife is divorcing him, but we serve the God of the impossible! Ezilson desires to be used of God!

While here in the U.S., the Holy Spirit allowed me to lead a young lady and a couple who live in Brazil to Jesus over the phone. The young lady, Daniela, works at a grocery store close to our home. Shortly before she understood her need to be saved, she said, “My life is crazy. I need God!” Pray for her boyfriend Emerson to be saved and for both of them to come to church. The couple, Esmael and Joana, were our neighbors in Cajuru (a five-hour drive from Taubaté) seven years ago during the fourteen months that we lived there. After hearing that Esmael had a tumor in his right kidney, Joana asked me to pray for them and then made sure I had Esmael’s number to call him. During a video call, both prayed to trust Christ as their only hope for Heaven. Esmael had his stiches removed yesterday and is feeling great. Pray that our pastor friend in their town will be able to meet with them amidst the COVID restrictions in their region.

THANK YOU for faithfully praying and giving so that we can continue sharing the Good News of Jesus!

For the PEOPLE of Brazil,

Dave + Dawn and Zachary Whitmore