Darrell Ratcliff Prayer Letter: Preach Christ Every Day!Thank you so much for all your love, prayers, and support that are helping us make a difference for the cause of Christ. In Guadalajara I had a wonderful opportunity to help a young church. We did an evangelistic event on a Saturday; and, praise the Lord, around 150 people got saved.

Later I held three evangelistic events in different churches in Monterrey. In one church we held an evangelistic rally on a Saturday, where we had over 950 people in attendance and about 600 precious souls saved. There were also other bus routes inviting for the Big Day we were going to have on Sunday. God blessed, and we had a Big Day, with 2,700 attending and over 1,200 people trusting Christ as their Saviour! Wow! To God be all the glory for the great things He has done!

Then in another church in Monterrey, the plan was to do evangelistic outreaches in different places for several days. The workers were divided sometimes into two groups and used my costumes and megaphones and bought candy to draw the crowds. Of course, the main purpose was that they could hear the glorious Gospel of Christ and trust the Lord Jesus for their salvation. The interesting thing is that I got a stomach virus and was not able to go personally and preach. However, on this Monterrey trip, I had a young evangelist named Sergio, who is going to be a missionary to the country of Ecuador, traveling with me, and he has really learned a lot and helped the church to reach around 3,000 people with the Gospel! Wow! It is always wonderful to invest in and teach others. Please pray that God will continue to use Sergio and that God would raise up more fiery evangelists to preach the Gospel to every creature, as the Lord Jesus commanded us in Mark 16:15.

Later a very interesting event happened in another church. I preached a message on a Sunday night about “Preach Christ Every Day.” One of the texts I used was Acts 5:42, “And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.” I emphasized that we, as God’s people, are to take up our cross daily and follow Christ, and by following Christ every day, we should be reaching others with the Gospel every single day. Many of God’s people made commitments that they were going to try to give the Gospel every day, at least by giving out a Gospel tract every day. Imagine if we as God’s people would at least try to give out a Gospel tract every day or basically do something every day to give out the Gospel, what a great impact we could make for the Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you so much for all you do for the Lord, and may God help us all to do more to reach precious souls for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours for souls,

Darrell Ratcliff
Philippians 4:13