Darrell Ratcliff Prayer Letter: Christmas Letter 2020Season’s greetings from our family to yours! The Bible says, “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.” The greatest gift that has ever been given was the Lord Jesus Christ, Who was born, died, and rose again so that we could go to Heaven. What a privilege we have to declare this message to the world!

There is nothing greater than living for Jesus and telling others the good news about His birth, death, burial, and resurrection to give us eternal life! The Lord has been so good to us, allowing us to reach thousands of people for the Lord Jesus Christ, but there is so much more to do to take the Gospel into the whole world, as the Lord Jesus has commanded us. As we celebrate this wonderful season, let us remember that we have the greatest opportunity in the world—preaching the Gospel of Christ.

The Lord has also opened up more exciting opportunities to train others to share the Gospel of Christ. Praise the Lord! We have been able to start a bilingual website (English and Spanish) called PreachChristMinistries.com, which we are hoping and praying will help spread the Gospel of the Lord, not only in Mexico but also in other countries as well. There you will find free materials in English and Spanish, as well as over 200 audios and videos, printed sermons and outlines, recent prayer letters, pictures of evangelistic events, the plan of salvation and Gospel tracts in English and Spanish, and a bookstore with Spanish books and other materials that can help you reach others for Christ. So please visit us at PreachChristMinistries.com to get to know us and our ministry better, and take advantage of these wonderful resources!

We also want to let you know about our new bilingual Facebook business page called Facebook@Evangelista.Darrell.Ratcliff. We hope and pray the material we will share with you there will be a blessing and help to your life. You can also see our new YouTube channel by typing in Evangelista Darrell Ratcliff in YouTube. Please feel free to use and share the material on our new website, Facebook business page, and YouTube channel in any way the Lord leads you.

We wanted to say thank you so much for all your love, prayers, and support that are helping us to reach precious souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. May God richly bless you and use you in a greater way for the Lord Jesus Christ! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Yours for souls,

Darrell, Buffy, and Michael
Philippians 4:13