Darrell and Buffy Ratcliff Prayer Letter: Personal and Mass EvangelismThank you so much for your prayers for our evangelistic campaigns and ministry to take the Gospel to the lost. The Lord has blessed in a wonderful way. We are so thankful for all you do to help us reach others for the Lord. Your faithfulness in your love, prayers, and support is making a difference in the lives of others.

In August, I was able to preach in public schools with Missionary Henry Gonzalez in the country of El Salvador. The church had worked hard, and according to the attendances of all of the schools, we were supposed to preach to about 7,000 people. However, right before I got there, someone high up in the school system changed the policy, so special permission had to be gotten in order for any outside groups to hold events in the schools. The directors of some schools kept the meetings, but several others cancelled them because of the new policy. We were so thankful that, in spite of the opposition, we were still able to preach to around 3,600 students, with the majority of them indicating that they were trusting Christ as their Saviour. So, Satan definitely fought, but we still had a great victory for the Lord! Missionary Gonzalez is working to get special permission so he can continue to preach the Gospel in the public schools. It is such an amazing opportunity that in some countries, the Gospel can be preached in public schools. Please pray that God would raise up more evangelists and others to do the work of an evangelist to take the Gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world before it is too late.

I held another evangelistic campaign in Leon, Mexico. In Mexico, it is difficult to get into schools to preach, but as the students were getting out of a school one Friday afternoon, we had some small fair games and people dressed up in costumes to gather the students and parents around. About 200 were there at the event at one time. After the event, my family and I went soul winning around the area. As we were driving, I noticed 4 young boys on bicycles on one street. We jumped out of our vehicle, and our son Michael got to win them to Christ. Later, on a dirt road, we pulled over in front of a house with a bunch of people outside. Michael got to win 10 kids and 2 adults to the Lord. Then, on another street, my wife witnessed to 3 ladies while I witnessed to 8 people in front of a house, and all those precious people trusted Christ as their Saviour as well. On Saturday, I preached in 3 evangelistic events; and, praise the Lord, on Friday and Saturday, around 450 heard the Gospel, with the majority of them receiving God’s wonderful gift of salvation. On Sunday, the church had a soul-winning time before the evening service. Michael got to win 4 teenage boys on the street; they looked rough, but they received the Gospel. Later, my wife witnessed to a lady who received Christ. I spoke to a group of kids, and 6 of them trusted Christ as their Saviour. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to reach people through personal and mass evangelism!

Satan is definitely fighting against our ministry, so please pray fervently that God would bless our ministry and our website, http://PredicaACristo.comPredicaACristo.com (where we have free videos, audios, books in digital form, and other materials), for the furtherance of the Gospel here in Mexico and around the world. Thank you once again for all you do to help us make a difference for Christ!

Yours for souls,

Darrell Ratcliff
Philippians 4:13