Darrell and Buffy Ratcliff Prayer Letter: 42 Saved on a Monday Night . . . and More!Praise the Lord for the opportunities we have to share Christ with others! The Bible says in Acts 5:42, “And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.” We try to do something every day to give the Gospel to others. Many days, we have been able to give out over 100 Gospel tracts. One Monday night, my family and I were giving out Gospel tracts and sharing Christ. I noticed a group of people and pulled my van over to witness, and eight precious souls trusted Christ as their Saviour. That night, my wife witnessed to nine others, and they received Christ as well. The same night, my son Michael got to win eight precious souls to the Lord. I remember that evening, I also got to share the Gospel with nine kids on a corner, who also received Christ. Then at the end, I noticed some kids playing soccer on the street. I stopped my van and shared Christ with them, and eight precious souls received Christ as their Saviour. Praise the Lord! Forty-two precious souls trusted Christ as their Saviour that Monday night!

There are so many more exciting soul-winning stories I could share about giving the Gospel out every day. Here are a few: One Wednesday I was sharing Christ with four boys on a corner, when two more boys came up on a motorcycle; they all received Christ as their Saviour. Then I passed by a group and gave them Gospel tracts as we walked to a park. In the park, my son Michael witnessed to his largest group ever—nine kids! They listened very attentively, and all nine trusted Christ as their Saviour! On the way back to my van, I noticed that the same people to whom I had given the Gospel tracts were still sitting there. The Lord put it on my heart to witness to them, and all five were sweetly saved.

One day, the electricity went off in the place where we were staying. Pedro, the electrician, was working, trying to solve the problem. I wanted to leave him alone so he could work, but he kept talking to me. He asked me, “What do you do? Why are you here in Mexico?” So, I shared with him that I was a preacher with the goal of telling others about Jesus. I told him the story of our daughter Alejandra, who lived for twelve days and then went to Heaven, and then I shared Christ with him. With moistened eyes, he received Christ as his Saviour. Praise the Lord! When we give the Gospel of Christ, it is the power of God unto salvation. One day as my wife was paying for parking, she witnessed to Rudolfo, a former policeman in his seventies. With tears in his eyes, he was wonderfully saved.

I am so excited that a great missionary in South America shared with me that he had downloaded some of the material from my website, PredicaACristo.com, to use in his ministry, as well as the program “¿Cómo Compartir a Cristo?” (“How to Share Christ”). Please pray that more pastors and churches will use the free books, video and audio sermons, printed sermon outlines, and other practical helps from my website to possibly double or triple their soul-winning efforts, results, and effectiveness as they share Christ with others so that more people will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

Yours for souls,

Darrell Ratcliff

Philippians 4:13