Daniel Wilder Prayer Letter:  Starting a Christian SchoolAs 2016 came to an end, we held our Second Annual Teen Camp. We had about 50 campers attend. Brother Ricky Torres once again did a wonderful job preaching for us. He has been a great blessing by helping us to get the camp going and organized. Many teens made decisions for the Lord, with 3 accepting Christ as their Saviour. We are already preparing for next year’s camp, anticipating another great week.

We have 11 enrolled in our Christian school, which started this month. I am very proud of these children who have grown up in our church and have a desire to serve the Lord. I am also very proud of their teachers who have also grown up in our church and gone through our Bible institute. Being that many of the parents are not able to pay the full cost of tuition, I am constantly looking for ways to subsidize the cost. Thank you to those who have given to help get the school started. We greatly appreciate it.

My wife uses the same installations and equipment to teach our five girls in the morning in English while the church children study in the afternoon in Spanish. Having more of a school setting has been a great help to Misty and our children. I also enjoy getting to spend a little extra time with them in the mornings while they are at the church.

While out soul winning, I met a lady named Floridalma, who was selling tamales. When I asked her how she knew she was saved, she told me that her pastor told her that her sins were washed away when she got baptized. She asked me if that was true, because she did not believe that baptism really washed away sins. Because she did not have much time, I asked her if I could visit her at her house to better explain it to her from the Bible. She agreed, and the next week when I met with her, I explained the truth about baptism. She then told me that she had accepted Christ as a teenager, and I was able to give her the assurance of her salvation. While I was there, I met her husband Daniel. I witnessed to him, but he did not get saved. He said he wants to study it more so he can be sure of what he is doing. I plan on visiting him again to show him more Scriptures about salvation. Please pray for his salvation.

Many of you have expressed your love and support for our ministry recently by using phrases like “We are proud of you” and “We have great respect for you and your ministry.” I cannot tell you how much this has encouraged me personally. From the bottom of my heart “Thank you.”

His for souls,

Daniel and Misty Wilder
Lydia, Charity, Emily, Hannah, and Serenity