Daniel Wilder Prayer Letter:  Missions ConferenceWe had the privilege of having Brother Dan Siemer preach our missions conference this year, with three people receiving Christ as Saviour. Not only did he do an excellent job preaching our missions conference, but he also taught a class on health and medicine in our Bible institute. Many people showed up to participate in the class, where they received practical teaching on the body and how to attend to someone having a medical emergency. Last year the Iglesia Bautista Bíblica Indepediente gave $5,600.00 to missions, which matched our goal. This year we have a goal of raising $6,850.00 for missions. I am very pleased to pastor a church that has a vision to reach the whole world with the Gospel.

During our missions conference, Marvin and Flor Yos, faithful members of our church for the past three years, along with their two children, surrendered to the call of God to formally start a church in Parramos. We have been going soul winning there and holding services for the past two years every Saturday but have not had a man to pastor the work full-time. Please pray for Marvin and his family as they prepare to pastor this work, starting January 2019. Pray that the Lord would prepare the hearts of the people of Parramos to receive the Gospel.

We have several construction projects lined up for the coming years. The first of these projects was a complete remodeling of our women’s bathroom, which we finished last month. Our next project, which we are working on now, is adding a three-story building to the back of our present building. This new addition will give us more space for Sunday school classes and dormitory rooms for our institute students. Please pray with us as we raise funds for this project and many more to come.

Three weeks ago while one of our Christian school teachers was arriving at the church to begin classes, a 10-year-old girl named Evelyn came up to her with her younger brother and sister and gave her a bunch of flowers she had picked. Evelyn had been told that we had a Christian school and wanted to know if we would allow them to receive classes. Since her dad does not live with them and her mom has to work all day, they do not have enough money to go to school and are locked up all day in their house. We let them sit in and attend classes. Not only have they been faithful to school, but they have also been faithful to church. We are blessed to be able to extend hope to people like Evelyn, who otherwise would not have much hope of a prosperous future.

His for souls,

Daniel and Misty Wilder, Lydia, Charity, Emily, Hannah, and Serenity