Daniel Wilder Prayer Letter: God Moves If We See Him Or NotAfter giving almost all my time and money for the last 15 years to our ministry here in Guatemala, the Lord spoke to me about setting aside more time for my family and providing better living conditions for them. (We currently rent a four-bedroom house with one bathroom, and we are a family of eight.) I shared this with my family and asked them to pray with me that the Lord would provide a piece of property for us to build a house. At the end of last year, not only did the Lord lead us to a piece of property close to our church, but He also provided the money to purchase it. We are currently building as the Lord provides. As of right now, we have been able to build a wall around the property and prepare the land to build the house. Lord willing, in April we will start working on the foundation of the house. In order to make our money go further, we are doing as much of the work as possible ourselves with the help of some men from our church. I would selfishly like to have the first floor finished by Christmas of this year, so we can live in it as a family before Lydia goes off to Bible college in September of 2022. Would you consider hosting a missions trip to help us with this project? Tickets are cheap right now, and I believe you would be blessed to experience the mission field of Guatemala.

I was able to lead Eliza to Christ three years ago. She was wondrously saved from a Catholic background. She has been faithful to church ever since. Her husband Donald, on the other hand, is still a staunch Catholic and makes it exceedingly difficult for her to come to church. Please pray that the Lord would open his eyes to the truth and that he would put his faith and trust in Christ alone for salvation.

At the beginning of the year, Eliza invited Donald’s Aunt Lily to church with her. The first two Sundays of the new year, I preached on salvation, and Lily attended both services. A couple of weeks later, I went to visit her to share the Gospel with her. When I asked her if she was sure she was going to Heaven when she died, I was surprised when she told me that she had already decided to receive Christ as her Saviour. When I asked her when she had made that decision, she told me that during the invitation after that second service, she decided to ask Jesus to save her from Hell. Her teenage daughter has since also received Christ as Saviour. This story reminds me of the fact that the Lord is working even though we don´t see any evidence of His moving.

May the Lord richly bless you for all you have done for this missionary family and the dear people of Guatemala. We love you and appreciate you very much.

His for souls,

Daniel and Misty Wilder, Lydia, Charity, Emily, Hannah, Serenity, and Benjamin