Daniel Wilder Prayer Letter: God Doesn't Miss a One!My brother-in-law, John Early, hosted a missions trip out of his church last November to visit our work. He brought us some professionally printed tracts with a picture of our church on them. While they were here, we had the opportunity to go to a kite-flying festival to pass out tracts and do some soul winning. We were excited to lead 6 people to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, not knowing that the Lord was not done blessing our efforts.

A few weeks later, a businessman named Emilio called me and asked if I would participate in the inauguration of his third restaurant. He told me that he had seen our church while dropping off one of his employees. Several times he sat outside in his car listening to our services, curious about what we believed, but had never entered. He rented a booth at the same kite-flying festival that we went to, and someone in our group gave him a Gospel tract. When he looked at the picture of the church, he immediately knew which one it was. He told me later that our church left an impression on him because it was the only one passing out Gospel tracts. When I spoke at the inauguration of his restaurant, I was able to witness to Emilio and his wife. They both told me that they were saved but had fallen away from the Lord. He and his family have now started attending our church services. Please pray for them to grow spiritually and put God first in their lives and in their business.

While out soul winning, I had the opportunity to witness to a young dating couple. Brayan started smiling at me and encouraging me to share the Gospel with his girlfriend. I was curious, so I asked him if he was saved. I was surprised when he told me that he was sure he was saved. He told me that his girlfriend was not saved and that he wanted her to get saved. I asked him when he got saved, and he told me that a couple of young men used to come to his school to teach the Bible. He said that one day they gave an invitation and he got saved, and God wrote his name in the Book of Life in Heaven. I asked him what church they were from, and he told me that they were from my church. I was blessed to hear his story about how he was sure he was saved. So many people get saved without us knowing about it, but I am glad that God doesn’t miss a one.

Marvin Yos and his family have moved to Parramos to start Lighthouse Baptist Church. They are very excited about this opportunity to serve the Lord in this needy town. Their first Sunday service will be held on February 24. Please lift this family up in your prayers as we, with your help, continue to reach Guatemala for Christ.

I would like to thank Lighthouse Baptist Church of Pasadena, Maryland, for the offering they sent us for our building project. So far, we have raised $6,160.00 of the $135,000.00 we need to finish this project. Please pray with us for provisions for this long-term project, as God provides in His time.

His for souls,

Daniel and Misty Wilder, Lydia, Charity, Emily, Hannah, and Serenity