Daniel Wilder Prayer Letter: A New AdditionThe biggest annual event we have here at the Iglesia Bautista Bíblica Independiente is our Missions Conference. We support five missionaries and two local pastors. This year we invited a college classmate of mine, Jeremy Snipes, to be our special speaker. The Lord used his powerful preaching and sincere heart to touch the lives of our people. Many of our members told me that until this year, they hadn’t been serious about their Faith Promise offering, but from now on, they were going to take it seriously. Please pray with us about our goal of raising 10% more this year for missions than we did last year.

I really enjoy seeing the Lord work in the lives of our people. Although Federico Chuy has been saved for more than five years, he has never participated in our soul-winning programs. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him show up one Saturday to go out soul winning with us. I took him with me, and we visited Carmen, one of his unsaved adult daughters who had visited during our Missions Conference. After I witnessed to her, I asked her if she wanted to put her faith and trust in Christ so that she could be 100% sure of going to Heaven when she died. She told me that the night before, she hadn’t been able to sleep because she was not sure where she would go when she died and she wanted to get saved. Her father Federico was very excited to see his daughter accept Christ as her Saviour. A month later, he went on a trip with our church to visit one of our missionaries. While there, he went out soul winning and won his first soul to Christ. The next Sunday when he shared this soul-winning experience with our church, many people were encouraged to share their faith with others.

Iglesia Bautista el Faro in Parramos, Chimaltenango, is averaging 40 each Sunday and reaching many lost souls with the Gospel. They have already started several outreach ministries and baptized their first 5 converts. Pastor Marvin Yos and his wife Flor are excited to see these new Christians growing and maturing in the Lord. Please continue to pray for this fine family and their new work.

As many of you have already guessed by the question mark in our last prayer letter, Misty is expecting our sixth child, due November 9. Just in case any of you were wondering, we are hoping for a boy but will gladly accept our sixth daughter, if that is God’s will. Please pray for Misty’s health and for a safe delivery.

I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to our building project. We are currently raising money for the steel beams that we will need for the first floor. To date, the Lord has provided $11,000.00 of the $20,000.00 we need to buy the beams. Once we get the beams in place, we will be able to put up the walls and roof for the first floor. This new addition will give us more needed Sunday school space and dorms for our Bible institute men.

Thank you for your interest and investment in our ministry. It is an honor to serve our Lord with you.

His for soul,

Daniel and Misty Wilder, Lydia, Charity, Emily, Hannah, Serenity, and ?