Daniel Kokubun Prayer Letter:  Wonders of Aztipiako1As a child, nothing moved me more than seeing slide shows of pictures from missionaries who went into the farthest parts of the earth to spread the Gospel. I would sit in the pew next to my dad as the tears would fall, and I would beg God to please, please, please let me go and share His good news with others.

This past week one of my life-long dreams came true, as we took a group of teenagers who won a soul-winning contest to do what? Go soul-winning, of course! We took them to a small pueblo about 30 minutes south of Lima. I’m not even sure if the Gospel has ever been brought into this community. A beautiful valley, rich in green colors from the different crops growing below, with a river running through the middle describes a little of the wonders of Aztipia. There are three small villages nearby and only one Catholic church. The people say the priest only comes about once a month to visit. We brought CDs with Bible stories and the Gospel presentation, as well as copies of Romans and tracts. Life is slow in the valley. People are friendly and kind, willing to talk and ready to hear the Gospel. We were able to witness to many people that day and showered their community with the Gospel. Ten people personally made a decision to receive Christ. One lady whom I won could not stop thanking me. She must have said “Thank you” six times after praying to receive Christ as her Saviour. I could see the tears she bravely held back. Once we were finished and loaded into the van to head back to Lima, we drove past two ladies who were sitting on their front porch, each reading their copy of Romans. Our teens were thrilled with emotion to see the open response and hunger for the Gospel.

ko2On July 10, we celebrated our fourth anniversary! Over 400 people came to celebrate with us, and 36 people were saved. My favorite part this year was having the honor of leading the choir. They sang “You Are God Alone” and “All the Glory Belongs to Jesus.” Something new we did this year was that our teenagers and ushers served the people lunch in their seats, instead of having them form a massive, never-ending line. I love seeing our people learn to serve others and, most importantly, God. So many stepped up to the plate that day and served all day long—a small glimpse that a few are getting it, which makes everything so worth it.

We received word that my preacher, Dan Hubbard, has a new growth of cancer on his spine. He will be receiving radiation treatment at Mayo Clinic in September. I would covet your prayers for him and his dear family during this time. We are unsure of answers, but we are trusting in the One Who holds every answer. Should the Lord lead you to give financially to this family, your gift would be an immense blessing during this difficult time.

Thank you for your prayers and support. God is good, all the time.

Trusting His heart,

Heather Kokubun