Daniel Kokubun Prayer Letter:  Living the DreamWe were so blessed to get to see so many of you on our recent trip back to the States. Thank you for your many kindnesses to our family. Thank you for loving on us and allowing us to share in your churches! We thoroughly enjoyed being Stateside, seeing family and friends and visiting churches. While there is nothing like driving through the Taco Bell drive-through and getting amazing Mexican food in less than five minutes, we would be lying to say that we weren’t also very much looking forward to the day we would get to fly back home to Peru. God blessed us with a wonderful trip. We were definitely refreshed, thrilled, and excited to jump back into the work to which God has called us.

God richly blessed Antonio, the man to whom I entrusted our new Bible study. We moved the study to his home one week before we left for the States, and the transition went extremely well. Upon returning, we found he had almost 20 adults meeting each week in his home. Several of his personal family members had been saved through the study! Seeing the amazing things God is doing through this study, we have decided to have Antonio continue the study. I have now equipped another team of people, and we’re headed to a brand-new district of our city to reach more for Christ! I met with our team this Saturday night, and they are very excited to begin reaching their area of the city for Christ. We’ll start the study this coming Saturday night. Please pray that the Lord will bless this new Bible study.

Speaking of reaching areas for Christ, God has done a great work in one of our young men. He’s become so motivated to reach souls for Christ that he takes his own group of people up to San Genaro every Tuesday to go soul winning. This past week his group saw 9 people saved! The following night we had our normal outreach time for our church, and the Lord blessed again, giving us 18 people who bowed their heads to receive Christ as their personal Saviour.

Yesterday morning a faithful lady named Elena at our church brought Claudia to church for the first time. Claudia absolutely loved it and, at the end of our service, received Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour. Last night Claudia brought her husband and daughter to church. Near the end of the service, both of them made personal decisions to receive Christ as well! I can’t get out of my head the huge smile Claudia had on her face last night as she walked around the church, knowing that not only she but also her family had changed their destiny that day!

 As I walked down the hallway late last night after church and after hosting a group of young adults in our home, my eyes caught a sign that hangs over our doorway. It only has three words on it which say, “Living the Dream.” It’s probably our favorite thing we bought while on our visit to the States, and it means the world to us, because it is true. My wife and I are so blessed by each of you who partner with us and allow us to live our dream. Without your faithful prayers and the support of each and every individual who gives, we would not be able to reach Lima, Peru, with the Gospel. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us as we follow God’s dream for our lives. Words cannot describe how happy we are here, getting to do God’s will for our lives. We know we could not be here were it not for each and every one of you who faithfully contribute to that dream. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love each one of you and pray for you.

Living the dream,

Daniel and Heather Kokubun