Daniel and Mary-Ann Williams Prayer Letter:  Heading to the Field!This month is it! We are leaving for the Philippines on Tuesday, November 28, after spending Thanksgiving in Texas with my family and a few days in California with Mary-Ann’s family. We are showing our target support level currently at 95%, so please pray that God will provide both the remaining 5% and some more funding for our setup costs. Thank you to all who have contributed! We only have a few remaining meetings scheduled this month before we fly from Ontario, California, to Taiwan, then to Cebu City, and finally to Dumaguete City. It will be a long journey, and we would greatly appreciate your prayers for us to keep our sanity during the trip. 

The months of September and October kept us quite busy, with our beginning September in Edmonton, Ontario, Canada, with Pastor Brian Rice and Cornerstone Baptist Church’s Camp Joy. I had the privilege of speaking to the campers for the morning sessions and heard a report back of some of them receiving Christ as Saviour after hearing me speak on salvation. We left Canada for the last time this deputation, going to Montana for a meeting. Then it was on to South Dakota to visit Mount Rushmore before heading on to Michigan, Arkansas, and Iowa. We were finally back home in Texas for a couple of meetings and some packing up more of our things for the Philippines. Mary-Ann and I then flew to Ohio for our only deputation meeting without the children, and we enjoyed spending time with the Missions Conference guest speaker, Jeremy Snipes, who is our adult Sunday school class teacher at our home church. After two weeks in Texas, we left for New Mexico, Colorado, Wisconsin, and then finishing up October in Illinois.

One of many blessings to recount is when we were in Arkansas, staying at Bible Baptist Church of Jacksonville’s missions apartment for a couple of days while in between meetings. We were able to participate in their Monday evening church-wide soul winning and door knocking with Bro. Shelby on his bus route. Right as we parked, I noticed a young man walking past, so I hopped out of our vehicle and trotted over to him. He readily accepted a tract, and after I explained who I was and what the tract was, he began telling me of some major family issues he was having. I listened attentively, and then I presented the Gospel to him. He sweetly chose to receive Christ as his Saviour! He planned to follow up at church for future spiritual guidance.

Thank you to all of you for your prayers. God has blessed and protected us throughout our deputation, when Satan would have loved to derail us and/or sidetrack us. We could not have gotten to where we are without Him and you. Stay faithful, and “hold the ropes” for us as we finish this phase of our service for Christ and move forward into the next one.


R. Daniel Williams & Family to the Philippines
All for Christ!